The 10 Points Of Christmas

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

/ by WalfordEast
EastEnders Christmas 2014: Carters at Christmas.  Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT), Mick Carter (DANNY DYER) - (C) BBC

1. The festive period is usually a quiet one in Walford (laughs!) but this year, the drama will knock you off your feet as the Carter's are destroyed by Dean’s horrific actions against Linda. Mick is about to discover the horrible truth about what happened to his wife on that night and you will see a terrifying side to him that will leave you stunned. And Dean mate, it was nice knowing you!

2. If you thought that was a big storyline, you wait until New years. I’m sworn to secrecy on details, but let’s just say, cancel any plans for a street party and unhook the phone from all those annoying callers who can’t stay up til midnight.

3. It’s not the only pain in store for Linda as she is forced to say goodbye to son Johnny. But will they part on good terms?


4. Emma aims all her attention very firmly on Lauren as Lucy’s murder mystery reaches the boil again. A laptop, video and secret package prompt more twists but is Lauren really to blame? Or has someone set out to frame her?

5. Jane finds herself back in the Bed of Beale but, while it is initially a regrettable incident, will a surprise twist lead it to become a more permanent arrangement?

6. Cindy finds a particularly sinister present under the Christmas tree that sends shockwaves through the household. But who has left it there and why?


7. Dot gets an even worse sight than that when she walks in on Nick and Mrs Doyle at it on the sofa. But while Yvonne wants to keep her (slim) chance of happiness with her ex, Ronnie is plotting to get rid of Nick for good…

8. Shabnam could be in for a Kushty romantic treat this festive season as Kush sets his sights on a Christmas kiss. Can he get her under the mistletoe?

9. Stan comes face to face with a figure from his past as Sylvie Carter rocks up in Walford. But how will he react to her arrival?

10. Another departure could leave the path open to a long awaited romance for Tamwar and Nancy. Will he finally make his move?

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