Stan Passes Away (PICTURES)

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

With the Carter clan trying to put their differences aside for their father, Stan's health takes a turn for the worse. Shirley and Mick talk through their differences and admit they have missed each other.  Shirley sends her son home saying she can cope spending some time with Stan in hospital.

Shirley holds Stan's hand and says she will never let go, after some last words from Stan, he slips away.

Stan & Cora's Wedding Day (PICTURES)

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Stan and Cora's wedding day arrives and Mick and Shirley's waring is threatening to ruin things as the pair refuse to be in the same room together. Shirley arrives with Buster and the pair come to blows.

Sylvie arrives to say her final goodbyes and the pair talk about their secret, after a manipulative Babe overhears, she runs to Cora to try and ruin things.

Jim Branning Passes Away

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Next week we will see Jim Branning's family learn that he has passed away at the nursing home he has been living for the past few years.

Carol will be the first to hear the sad news when she receives a telephone call explaining his passing.

Carol is faced with telling the entire family including Dot who is behind bars and was unable to keep up with her visits to Jim. Dot will be wrapped with guilt.

Carol decides to send Sonia to break the sad news and Sonia returns home with a letter from Dot. The letter simply reminds Carol that Jim was her father and despite their turbulent relationship she should grieve for him.

Carol reads the letter and breaks down in Sonia's arms

EastEnders recently announced its decision to pay tribute to the late John Bardon after the popular actor, who played Jim, passed away in September last year.

These scenes will air on Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 10 on BBC One.

British Soap Awards Nominees Revealed! Who gets your vote?

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Monday, 30 March 2015

In the running for Best Actor:

Danny Dyer

Rudolph Walker

Adam Woodyatt

In the running for Best Actress:

Laurie Brett

Kellie Bright

Jessie Wallace

Best British Soap

Of course it's . . .  

Kat Finds Harry's Money

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Tonight, Kat finds out her entire family have lied to her about Harry's money. Kat is furious that the money left to her by Harry had been claimed on her behalf.

Mo tells Alfie about the money and convinces him to keep quiet but guilt eventually leads Alfie to confessing all. She rushes home to find the money stashed in Mo's mattress.

Kat drags the money filled mattress outside into the street and sets it on fire not knowing if she can ever forgive her family.

EastEnders airs these scenes tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

Charlie Brooks Talks Possible EastEnders Return and Gay Boyfriend

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Charlie Brooks is currently starring in the stage adaptation of the movie Beautiful Thing. She is playing the role of the troubled mother with a gay son, the role played by Linda Henry (Shirley Carter) in the movie. The movie also had Tameka Empson as the loud mouthed neighbour.

Speaking about her first boyfriend she dated for four years and even asked her to marry him, he was gay.
She says: “It’s a part I know well as I’ve watched the film so much when I was younger.
“I have a lot of gay friends and I had a boyfriend who was gay.
“We dated all though school, from 14 until 18, and he even proposed to me.
“I kind of knew he was gay and suggested it but he would never say it. We loved each other so much.
“I said we needed to grow up and go our separate ways, so we split up.
“Then four months later he came to me and said you are right, I’m gay. I said ‘I told you so!’.

The 30th anniversary of EastEnders saw the return of former characters Kathy Beale and Peggy Mitchell, so might Charlie find herself back in Albert Square one day?
She says: “Maybe Janine will come back. At the moment I’m really enjoying theatre but never say never. Janine is so fun to play and so versatile, you can drop her into any situation.
“I missed the EastEnders live week and big reveal because I was away snowboarding. I found out who killed Lucy on the slopes.
“When we got back I watched the live episode which was so good. The cast all did so well, I was really proud of them.
Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks ) kills Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) in EastEnders in 2004
Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks ) kills Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) in EastEnders in 2004
“It’s fantastic that Barry’s death, when Janine pushed him off the cliff, was one of the top EastEnders moments. It was a low point for Janine but a high point for me.
“And Kathy’s back! She looks really good too. My daughter said ‘She can’t be Ian’s mum, she looks younger than he does!’”
Charlie is looking forward to playing Birmingham and visiting old friends.
“I grew up in Barmouth in Wales, where we used to get all the Brummies in the summertime. I have some really good friends living in the city.
“Plus my nan lives in Shrewsbury which isn’t too far away.”

Danny Dyer To Give Fairytale Wedding

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Danny Dyer recently told his friends that he would be happy with a quick ceremony in his local KFC but Danny wants to give his fiance a three day wedding to remember.

Another friend said he would also just be happy with a register office wedding followed with a night down the boozer.  “He’s even joked he’d be happy with a KFC or be special or something straight out of EastEnders but Jo wants it to be special.
“They’ve been together for so long she wants to do it properly. She’s determined to make it special and suggested Lake Como as a potential venue.
“Danny just wants Jo to be happy and even though he’s been joking about it special and suggested Lake Como as a potential venue.
“Danny just wants Jo to be happy and even though he’s been joking about it costing a fortune he is happy for her to have her dream wedding.”

 Danny pictured with fiance Joanne and daughter Danni

It was rumored that their relationship was on the rocks over Christmas but pals said the pair who have three children together "couldn't be happier".

One pal said: “Jo already has wedding magazines stacked up along the side of the sofa. She saw photos of George Clooney’s wedding in Italy and wants something similar.
“She has set her heart on a three-day event in Italy with a sit-down meal the night before, a party the day of the ceremony and a chilled day and lunch on a boat.”

Denise Van Outen's Character Catches Max's Eye!

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Denise Van Outen will make her debut in EastEnders in April, details surrounding her character are being kept secret.

Karin arrives as the war between Phil and Max gets serious, as Karin arrives in Walford looking for Phil, she is quickly whisked away by Max who wants to know who she is and why she's looking for Phil.

After the pair chat they decide to head back to Max's house but not for what he thinks as Karin's loyalties lay with the Mitchell's

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, April 9 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Buster's Back!

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

With one son missing and the other keeping tight lipped over where he is, Buster is coming back to Walford.
Buster will arrive on screen in the next few weeks, and he has a very surprising proposition for Shirley.

Walford Easter Giveaway


This Giveaway Is Now Closed

Monday: Phil Catches Up With Max (VIDEO)

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Monday - Phil Catches Up With Max by walfordeast Phil clashes with Max over The Arches in Monday's episode.

Friday: DNA Test Results Arrive (VIDEO)

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Friday 27th March by walfordeast Will Sharon get the result she's looking for in Friday's episode?

Jo Joyner: "I don't think Bobby killed Lucy"

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A few weeks ago we were all in shock as Bobby was revealed as Lucy's killer but Jo Joyner who plays Tanya Branning is not convinced.

"I have a theory about all this," she commented to "In the flashback episode, Lucy got whacked around the head by lots of different people. So, if she died of an aneurysm, it may well have started earlier in the night. I'm not so sure that Bobby is even the killer!"

In the week leading to her death, Lucy was seen fighting with Denise and Abi Branning, she also hit her head at the car lot. Jo is currently starring in BBC One's Ordinary Lies and feels the finger of blame could point to somebody else.

"If you had a really good autopsy, the doctors would be able to say that this aneurysm that caused her death started at a certain point earlier in the evening," added the actress. "They could trace it back to the slap around the head by one of those people. Maybe little Abi. Perhaps the fall at the car lot..."

What do you think?

Thursday: "Help, I've lost my baby!" (VIDEO)

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Thursday "Help, I've lost my baby!" by walfordeast Cindy is quick to regret her recent actions in Thursday's episode. Who can help her?

Remembering Lucy One Year Later

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Lucy Beale is remembered next week as Good Friday approaches. The local residents rally round to show their support to the Beal's.

Lucy was murdered on Good Friday last year with the flashback episode revealing Bobby as her killer.

The residents are all still unaware that little brother Bobby was responsible for her death, they all pull together for Ian and the rest of the family.

While Ian and Jane decide to remember Lucy in private, Cindy barges in accusing them of using Beth to replace Lucy.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday April 3 on BBC One.

Alfie Saves Kat? (PICTURES)

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Next week Alfie will find out about Kat attempting to take her own life. The storyline kicks off soon with viewers watch Kat reach what she feels is the lowest point in her life.

Alfie also finds out that Mo has cashed the money left by Harry but she convinces him it's for the best and also sends some of the money his way.

With new money lining his pockets, Alfie starts splashing the cash and Kat soon becomes suspicious and Alfie is left with no choice but to confess as to where the money came from leaving Kat devastated.

With Stacey trying her hardest to support her, Kat still travels down the dark path to destruction.
Kat arranges a family dinner but is also growing concerned over Tommy's behaviour. 

Kat's day grows worse when the dinner doesn't go to plan, but Alfie is on hand to save the day by treating everyone to a meal at The Vic, where Kat starts to open up to her family about her feelings.

Emotional scenes at the end of the week will see Kat resort to desperate measures after she takes steps to put her plan into place.

When Kat leaves the children with Alfie, he grows suspicious of her behaviour and his fears are soon increased when he notices that Tommy has her money belt.

Kat kisses Alfie
Kat kisses Alfie

Alfie is suspicious of Kat's behaviour
Alfie is suspicious of Kat's behaviour

Alfie sees Tommy with Kat's money belt and knows something is wrong
Alfie realises something is wrong

After racing back to the flat, Alfie is relieved when he speaks to Kat, but after she promises to visit him later that day, he decides to leave.

However, with Kat's words going through his mind, the penny drops with Alfie that she has attempted suicide. A frantic Alfie immediately races up to the flat, where he realises she has taken an overdose and quickly calls an ambulance.

Alfie worries about Kat.
Alfie worries about Kat

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday April 3 at 8pm on BBC One.

Carters Prepare For The Worst (Pictures)

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Stan gets even more devastating news next week when he hears more about the spread of his cancer. It was only last week he learned he will never walk again after the evil disease had spread to his spine.

The Carters try and make Stan comfortable at home but they are all worried as he is rushed back to hospital.

Tina is furious with Mick when she discovers that he is planning on leaving Stan in hospital, but she is soon left shocked when she discovers the extent of Stan's condition, finally realising that the decision has been taken out of their hands.

The Carters later pay Stan a difficult visit as they are forced to break the news that he won't be coming home. However, an upset Stan inadvertently causes further family tension when he requests to see Dean.

Mick and Linda watch as Stan's bed is taken away.
Mick and Linda watch as Stan's bed is taken away

Mick tells a stunned Tina that the hospital called and Stan can't come home.
Mick tells a stunned Tina the news

Shirley breaks bad news to Stan
Shirley breaks bad news to Stan

Stan is devastated when Shirley tells him he is not coming home.
Stan is devastated

As tension rises between Mick and a stressed Nancy, she eventually decides it is time that Shirley knew the truth about Dean.

Nancy finally opens up to Shirley about what happened in the barrel store on the night of Ian and Jane's wedding, and unable to hide her anger, Shirley lashes out at the family demanding answers. Will Mick be able to explain himself?

Nancy tells Shirley that Dean tried to burn the pub down
Nancy tells Shirley something about Dean

EastEnders airs these scenes in the week commencing Monday, March 30 at 8pm on BBC One.

Cindy Struggles With Motherhood

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Cindy is left questioning herself tomorrow when she sees that Jane has bonded with her baby and also beats her to the morning feed.

Speaking to Liam, he advises her to step up and be a better mum to her daughter. Cindy collects Beth from nursery and decides to spend some special time with her but the whole thing backfires when Jane and Ian find out they're angry. Cindy resorts to desperate measures.

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