Friday: "Why?" (VIDEO)

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Friday "Why?" by walfordeast
Can Kat go through with her plan to revisit the past in Friday's episode?

EastEnders Repeat on BBC Three Changes

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The repeat of EastEnders usually shown at 13.30pm is now going back to it's original time slot of 10pm. Fans have got fed up in the past because EastEnders is usually one of those shows that are moved around the schedule willy nilly,  the new time slot is however, said to be a permanent one.

EastEnders previously aired its repeat at 10pm on BBC Three for many years and often topped the multichannel ratings in the slot, but the screening was moved to 10.30pm in 2012.

As the EastEnders Omnibus aired for the final time last week, the BBC Three repeat will now be the main chance for viewers to catch up on the soap, alongside the BBC iPlayer.

The BBC has previously announced plans to close BBC Three as a broadcast TV channel and transform the station into an online-only service, but the move was recently delayed until 2016 while the BBC Trust makes a final decision on the controversial proposal.

Micks Big Decision & Babes Manipulation Continues

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mick will be forced to make a big decision next week as tensions begin to rise again in the Carter clan. Aunt Babe is trying to get her claws into the Vic this time by offering to buy Shirley's share of the pub.

When Shirley refuses, it gets Babe's back up and she puts yet another plan into motion. As a result, Linda realises they have no option but to accept her help.

Buster also learns the truth about who was responsible for throwing a brick through the window of Blades. All hell breaks loose!

While Mick is contemplating accepting Babe's help in the form of a lump sum of cash, Lee and Whitney come clean about the stash found in Stan's chair. Mick makes a big decision regarding the money.

As always, Tina is being torn between both sides of the Carter family and takes Shirley to the Vic for a drink to try and reconcile the warring mother and son.

However, they don't get the reaction they were expecting when Mick reveals that he wants to buy Shirley out of the pub and hands over an initial cash down payment.

Shirley decides to give Mick a final chance to let her back into his life but when he refuses, she ups the price for Mick to buy her out of The Vic. Is there any way back for them now?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

Tonight: Vincent Confronts Kim and Ronnie (PICTURES)

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tonight, Vincent will make a huge decision about his future but that's not before confronting both Ronnie and Kim. We know Vincent shares history with both the women but what is going on exactly is not yet known.

Vincent visits Ronnie again in hospital until she asks him to leave following a heated discussion. Worrying about Dot, Ronnie later turn to Phil for help, when he refuses she approaches Vincent once again.

Kim and Vincent take time to discuss their marriage and what the future holds. At this time, things go from bad to worse for the Fox sisters when bailiffs arrive at the door. As Denise goes for an interview at McKlunkys, Kim steps up and heads to the job centre, but she is soon stopped by Kat who tells her that Vincent is looking for her.

Although a terrified Kim insists on leaving Walford straight away, it isn't long before she is confronted by Vincent.

Kim is left with no other choice than to face her fears and with Patrick and Denise by her side, she finally comes to clean to her husband about what she saw.

As the pair discuss their relationship, they eventually reach a decision. What will they choose? And where does this leave Ronnie?

EastEnders airs these scenestonight on BBC One.

Kat and Alfie Back Together! (PICTURES)

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Next week Kat and Alfie will reunite. They have been separated since Kat found out that Alfie was responsible for starting the house fire. Next week sees Alfie get a letter containing more bad news for Kat.

To soften the blow before he tells her what was in the letter, Alfie takes Kat into central London for a surprise, a visit to a restaurant Kat has always wanted to visit.

Alfie and Kat arrive in London
Alfie and Kat arrive in London

Alfie and Kat chat as they walk through London
Alfie and Kat chat as they walk through London

Alfie brings Kat to a posh restaurant.
Alfie brings Kat to a posh restaurant

Kat opens up to Alfie and says she would like to give their relationship another go but Alfie does not think they are ready.

As soon as the pair are back in Walford they are kissing and finally give in to their feelings.

Alfie and Kat chat as they walk through London
Alfie and Kat chat as they walk through London

Alfie and Kat spend the day in London
Alfie and Kat spend the day in London

Alfie and Kat discuss their relationship
Alfie and Kat discuss their relationship

Kat and Alfie have a heart to heart
Kat and Alfie have a heart to heart

Kat and Alfie kiss.
Kat and Alfie kiss

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, May 7 on BBC One.

Sonia Cheats! (PICTURES)

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Next week Sonia will make a huge mistake by sleeping with her husband Martin. As Sonia celebrates her birthday, Martin makes a kind gesture and the pair become passionate again.

Sonia decided to move on from Martin after she started a relationship with Tina. Rebecca or Bex as she likes to be called now (Zzzz) will get upset after she finds out her dad is not invited to her mums birthday bash.

Martin tells Sonia that he wants a divorce so he can move on, but on the night of her and Tina's birthday she decides to invite Martin anyway.

After Martin makes a scene at the birthday meal, Sonia takes Martin home to Ian's where Martin gives her a birthday present. It is not long before the pair are sharing a passionate kiss.

Martin hands Sonia a locket
Martin hands Sonia a locket

Martin and Sonia share a moment
Martin and Sonia share a moment

Following her night with Martin, an awkward Sonia pleads with him to keep it a secret, insisting it was a drunken mistake.

However, after an embarrassing situation occurs when a social worker visits the Beales, Bex is left with hope that her parents are reuniting. After finally being told that Sonia and Martin are not getting back together, Bex takes the news badly.

Later, after overhearing Sonia telling Carol that she would like Tina to move in, Bex decides to take matters into her own hands. Is Sonia's betrayal about to be exposed?

Martin and Sonia kiss
Martin and Sonia kiss

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday May 5, Thursday May 7 and Friday May 8 on BBC One.

British Soap Awards 2015 - Who gets your vote?

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Monday, 27 April 2015

The long list votes have been counted, and now it's time to move to the second and final phase as short list voting has officially opened for the 2015 British Soap Awards.

Vote now!

If you want to continue to vote for EastEnders (and we're SURE you do) our remaining nominees in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories, which are voted for jointly by the viewers and the panel, are:
Best Actor:
Best Actress:

The award that is voted for entirely by you is:

Best Soap: EastEnders

The short list voting will close on Friday 15th May at 15.00.

You can help make our anniversary year extra special by casting your vote NOW on the British Soap Awards website.

There are also a number of panel-voted categories, that aren't part of the public vote:

Villain of the Year
John Altman (Nick Cotton)

Best Comedy Performance
Tameka Empson (Kim Fox-Hubbard)

Best Newcomer
Davood Ghadami (Kush Kazemi)

Best Storyline
Who Killed Lucy?

Best Single Episode
Episode 5020 - Live Episode)

Best Dramatic Performance
Kellie Bright (Linda Carter)

Best On-Screen Partnership
Laurie Brett and Adam Woodyatt (Jane and Ian Beale)

Best Young Performance
Eliot Carrington (Bobby Beale)

Scene of the Year
Kathy comes home

EastEnders Announce Character Exit

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EastEnders today revealed that Liam Butcher, played by James Forde will be leaving the soap. The exact details are being kept under wraps but he will exit the show in the summer.

James played Liam since his arrival in 2008 and the teen sparked rumors last week when he tweeted: 

An EastEnders spokesman today said "We can confirm that James Forde will be leaving EastEnders later this year. We wish him all the best for the future."

Liam was only 9 when Forde took over the role, but he has become more prominent on screen in recent years as the character has grown up.
Cindy confides in Liam
Forde in EastEnders with co-star Mimi Keene

His biggest storyline to date aired in early 2013, when Liam left his mother Bianca heartbroken by joining a gang. EastEnders bosses worked with Comic Relief on the storyline to raise awareness of the issue of teen involvement in gangs.

More recently, Liam has developed a romantic spark with fellow Walford teen Cindy Williams, supporting her following the arrival of her baby daughter Beth.

Murder Trial Pictures

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Next month sees the start of the murder trial for Dot. It's been over two months now since Dot handed herself to the police admitting she let her son Nick die.

The drug dealer who sold the drugs to Dot will testify and the last minute witness who claims that Dot told him Nick would be better off dead.

The day get off to a bad start as Keeble takes to the witness box to give evidence, followed by a reluctant Stacey (Lacey Turner). Will Dot be found guilty or not guilty of murdering her son?

Dot's trial begins
Dot's trial begins

Dot has a tough challenge ahead
Dot has a tough challenge ahead

Prosecution lawyer Helen Stritch questions the witnesses
Prosecution lawyer Helen Stritch asks questions

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday, May 8 at 8pm on BBC One.

EE Boss: "two massive twists" for Kat and Alfie before spin-off show

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

We recently revealed that Kat & Alfie were to leave EastEnders but the pair would move to Ireland in a new spin-off show for the pair. Dominic Treadwell-Collins has revealed that there are two big twists ahead of their departure.

Viewers will be given a clue as to what the spin-off show will be about well in advance of them leaving. WalfordEast recently revealed that a Walford resident will scoop a massive £1Million on a scratchcard and we are pretty certain that it's Mr Moon himself that wins it. The pair will try and buy the Queen Vic pub from the Carter's before leaving.

Speaking about the new project, he told Radio Times: "There are two massive twists coming up for Kat and Alfie in the next couple of weeks in the main show that will give you clues as to what the spin-off show is about.

"We want to create something big around them. EastEnders as a brand can afford to do it and I've always wanted to do something like that."

Treadwell-Collins also revealed that the show will not solely be about Kat and Alfie, as it will incorporate other characters as well.

Alfie and Kat go for a picnic

He said: "The other important thing about the spin-off show is it's not just about Kat and Alfie - we've created a whole new world and a new lot of characters.

"The writers have created a really lovely, interesting world, but also with our style of storytelling."

Confirming that the pair would be "gone for a while" but it would be "worth the wait", Treadwell-Collins added that he is confident EastEnders will keep moving without them.

He said: "I'm not at all [worried] because we've got the strongest cast we've ever had. And the show can keep moving without Shane and Jessie."

Monday: "I'm an innocent man" (VIDEO)

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Lucy Beale Murder Storyline Part II


Friday, 24 April 2015

In February fans found out that Bobby Beale killed his big sister in the biggest whodunnit on British television. 

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins promised that there are still many twists to come as the show will explore whether Bobby really is evil.
“Always in EastEnders we come back to ‘what would you do in that situation if you were a parent,” he said.
“For us, always at the beginning of the story, it was Ian and Jane, what would you do if you found out one of your children accidentally killed the other?
“Is Bobby evil? Did he make a mistake? What happens if Bobby accidentally hurt someone at school?”

It has also been revealed that Kathy who returned in the same week will also play a part in the storyline.
“And grandma, Kathy, is due to come back as well. This is part one. Part one of the story is done. There’s a lot more to tell,” he added.

Kathy Beale returns to EastEnders 
Earlier this year, actress Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning) shared her theory that she didn’t think Bobby was the real killer.
“In the flashback episode, Lucy got whacked around the head by lots of different people,” she explained.
“So if she died of an aneurysm, it may well have started earlier in the night.
“I’m not sure that Bobby is even the killer.”

What do you think?

Kathy's Return!

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Gillian Taylforth is already filming back at Elstree and Kathy's first scenes are canned and in the bag ready to air! It was back in February when Kathy made her comeback which some say, actually made the 30th such a huge success.

Bosses recently revealed that Kathy would be back in Walford full time but any further details were kept from us.

Treadwell-Collins told Radio Times: "We've storylined her return properly. You'll see a flash of Kathy again fairly soon and then boom! She's already filmed her next little tease."

He added: "We know that there was a Gavin that she went off with. It's a big, big story with a lot of twists and turns, as you've come to expect from us. There's Gavin, Kathy and there's a lot of Phil involved. It's going to draw in lots of different families from around the Square and it's not going to be easy for her to come back."

Speaking in February, Taylforth commented: "When Dominic approached me with his plan, I was so shocked I got into my car and burst into tears! 'Kathy' has always been so close to my heart and it's absolutely wonderful to be returning to the show and reprising the role."

Shirley Causes More Drama (PICTURES)

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

These pictures reveal Shirley causing even more aggro at her fathers wake. Shirley decides that she and the rest of the Carter's obviously can't run the Vic together so she does the only normal things and cuts the pubs licensee plate in half with welding gear! But how will Mick react to this latest decisive move by Shirl? Find out when EastEnders airs these scenes tonight at 7.30pm on BBC1.

Max and Phil Face Consequences (PICTURES)

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

After Karin leaves Walford, Max and Phil are forced to face the consequences of their dodgy dealings. Max gets involved in the dealings with Karin and the police get involved.

Max gets left with no choice but to sign the Arches back over to Phil. The Micthells celebrate their triumph with a drink at the Vic and Max is left furious.

Carol try's to offer Max support but he ignores her and marches over to the Mitchells house to see Abi.

Max soon learns that Abi's loyalties lie with the Mitchells and is hurt at the fact that Phil has given Abi a new car for landing her new job.

Sharon tells Phil that if he doesn't clean up his act she will leave him for good. EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, April 28 and Thursday, April 30 on BBC One.

Lee and Whitney Find Cash Stash

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Next week Lee and Whitney are shocked to find a wad of cash stashed in Stan's old chair. The pair find the cash and decide to keep the finding to themselves.

They find the money after a night of matchmaking with Martin and Stacey. When they return upstairs after playing cupid, they find the cash hidden down the cushion of late Stan's chair.

With Whitney unsure what to do, Lee decides to hide the money as he feels it would cause yet more trouble within the family.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, April 28 and Thursday, April 30 on BBC One.

Kat Takes Charge (PICTURES)

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As Kat gets another letter asking her to testify against her monster of an uncle Harry, she decides to take her life forward. She is trying to support Alfie as he asks Ian if he can manage the restaurant. But with Alfie distracted, Kat soon turns to old habits and heads off to the Vic with a bottle of wine.

Stacey gets angry with Kat and later bumps into Max where the pair share their troubles with each other.  Kat also explains to Alfie that she wants to get back together with him, what will he say?

Kat decides it's time to deal with her past and visits the convent where she gave birth to Zoe when she herself was a teenager. The episode will feature a guest appearance from June Whitfield as she supports a broken Kat while they take a trip down memory lane.

Will facing her past finally enable Kat to move on?

Remember Stacey's Key? We Will Find Out What it's All About.

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A face from Stacey's past will see the return of Stacey's key. When Stacey returned last year, she had been keeping a mysterious key close to her chest and viewers have been kept in the dark as to what the key is for.

When Stacey went to prison, she gave the key to Lauren and asked her to guard it. It was revealed that it was importance. Next week Martin and Stacey grow closer when the pair go for a drink and later helps him find a flat after the Fowler boy lost his family home.

Stacey soon gets a contacted by a face from the past and and learns the shocking truth about the key. Excited?
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