Tonight: Vincent Confronts Kim and Ronnie (PICTURES)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

/ by WalfordEast

Tonight, Vincent will make a huge decision about his future but that's not before confronting both Ronnie and Kim. We know Vincent shares history with both the women but what is going on exactly is not yet known.

Vincent visits Ronnie again in hospital until she asks him to leave following a heated discussion. Worrying about Dot, Ronnie later turn to Phil for help, when he refuses she approaches Vincent once again.

Kim and Vincent take time to discuss their marriage and what the future holds. At this time, things go from bad to worse for the Fox sisters when bailiffs arrive at the door. As Denise goes for an interview at McKlunkys, Kim steps up and heads to the job centre, but she is soon stopped by Kat who tells her that Vincent is looking for her.

Although a terrified Kim insists on leaving Walford straight away, it isn't long before she is confronted by Vincent.

Kim is left with no other choice than to face her fears and with Patrick and Denise by her side, she finally comes to clean to her husband about what she saw.

As the pair discuss their relationship, they eventually reach a decision. What will they choose? And where does this leave Ronnie?

EastEnders airs these scenestonight on BBC One.

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