Danny-Boy Hatchard sings Scott Alan's "NOW"

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

The gorgeous Danny-Boy Hatchard (Lee Carter on EastEnder's; Ste in West End's Beautiful Thing) with his just as gorgeous voice sings 'Now' by Scott Alan at 'Everything Worth Holding on To' at the St. James Theatre on May 3rd, 2015.

Kush and Stacey CAUGHT! (PICTURES)

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So Kush can't resist Stacey's charms and soon starts snogging the Walford beauty once again. Although Kush is engaged to Shabnam, he still shared a secret kiss recently with Stacey.

With Shabnam wrapped up in her families proeblems, Kush and Stacey become closer. Shabnam is furious with Masood after he tried to make contact with her daughter which leads to an almighty row (we love them).

While Shabnam has other things on her mind, Kush will spend even more time with Stacey when his mother Carmel instructs her to help with the arrangements for his upcoming engagement party.

Stacey and Kush struggle to resist each other
Stacey and Kush struggle to resist each other

When they are alone together, Stacey encourages Kush to learn a dance for Carmel that he has been struggling with, but with the tension growing, the pair soon find themselves struggling to resist each other.

As they lean in for a kiss, an upset Shabnam arrives after an argument with Masood. How much has she seen?

Shabnam arrives at an awkward moment
Shabnam arrives at an awkward moment

How much has Shabnam seen?
How much has Shabnam seen?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, June 11 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Monday: "He wants The Albert" (VIDEO)

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Friday, 29 May 2015

Monday "He wants The Albert" by walfordeast
Sharon receives shocking news about Vincent's demands in Monday's episode.

The secret affair is over

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Les Coker will break off his affair with Claudette Hubbard after he learns that his grandson has seen them together.

When Paul arrives in Walford, Paul sees the pair together and it doesn't take Les long to realise he's been rumbled.

Paul insists on making a fuss over his grandmother Pam for her birthday and later make their way to The Albert where Claudette and Vincent have thrown a party.

Paul see Les with Claudette
Paul see Les with Claudette

Les is shocked when he finds that Johnny knows his secret.
Les is shocked when he finds that Paul knows his secret

However, Les (Roger Sloman) is immediately suspicious of Paul's intentions and warns him not to upset Pam.

At The Albert later, Pam starts to sense the tension between Les and Paul (Jonny Labey) as they talk about Claudette and she soon runs off in tears.

Les is confused when Paul is unfriendly towards him
Les is confused when Paul is unfriendly

Les is shocked when he finds that Johnny knows his secret
Les is shocked when he finds that Paul knows his secret

Feeling the pressure, Les decides to meet up with Claudette where he tells her that it is over, but she warns him he won't be able to just end things.

Back home, Paul has a heart-to-heart with Pam, but will he come clean with what he knows about Claudette?

Les leaves Claudette in shock
Les leaves Claudette in shock

Les finishes things with Claudette
Les finishes things with Claudette

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

Tonight: Charlie takes the moral high ground. (VIDEO)

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Friday Pot Kettle Black by walfordeast
Charlie puts Ronnie on the spot in Friday's episode.

The next level for Ben and Abi

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Even though we know where Ben's heart truly lies next week, it will not stop him from taking his relationship with Abi to the next level.

Abi gets the idea in her head that Ben doesn't want to really be with her. Where could she have got that idea from?

Ben becomes frustrated with Abi's controlling behaviour and invites her and her work colleagues round for drinks.

It them becomes a little awkward for Lola when Abi asks her advice on how to please Ben in the bedroom department. Ben later finds Abi at the Arches waiting to seduce him (oh god).

The next day, it doesn't take long for Ben to start boasting to Jay about last night, Jay sees right through his act. Jay also tells Ben to stop searching for men to date or he will tell Abi.

Abi is upset by Ben's reaction
Abi is upset by Ben's reaction

Ben and Abi kiss passionately.
Ben and Abi kiss passionately

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

Rakhee & Davood Interview "I get jealous over Stacey scenes"

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bye bye Max!

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But don't worry, Jake Wood who plays Max Branning is taking a year off to peruse some other projects, so he will be back next year!

"I've been at EastEnders for nine years and I feel the time is right to give Max a break," he explained.

"But it won't be for too long as I shall be back to see Max face another chapter of drama."

Max will leave after being put into a situation over the summer that he really can't get himself out of.

"When I returned to EastEnders, both Jake and I agreed that Max has been through so much over the past 9 years that we would give both him and Jake a break when the opportunity arose," executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said.

"That opportunity has come and it is the perfect time to send Max Branning out with a bang that will send ripples through the Square for the rest of the year until Jake returns."

Wood has already signed a contract securing his return to EastEnders next year.

Jeans Wedding Day Pictures!

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

It's been a long time coming but Jean will get the chance to walk down the isle with her fiance Ollie! We have brought you all the pictures we could find, including one of Shirley in a onsie (not sure what that's all about) but we hope you like them!

Jeans Wedding

"Let me give away my baby or i'll go to the police about Lucy!"

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Cindy will give Jane and Ian an ultimatum next week after she reveals she don't want them to adopt Beth.

Cindy has a chat with Carol and makes her feelings clear, Carol tells her she needs to step up and do what's best for her and Beth.

As always, an argument breaks out when Jane tells him what Cindy has decided to do. Jane is initially annoyed at Ian's approach and goes after an angry and upset Cindy but fails to find her.

The day of the visit from Social Services soon arrives and it does not take long for Cindy to break and tell the social worker she wants her baby as far away from the family as possible.

Cindy feels the anger build inside when the social worker tells her that Jane and Ian can offer Beth the love and security that Beth needs. Knowing she has to take action fast, Cindy turns the tables on Jane and Ian. Could Cindy use the secret of Bobby killing his older sister as a bargaining chip? Of course she will!

Cindy gives Ian and Jane an ultimatum.
Cindy gives Ian and Jane an ultimatum

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

Thursday: "Are you calling me a slag?" (VIDEO)

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Thursday "Are you calling me a slag?" by walfordeast
Ronnie and Roxy clash in Thursday's episode.

"This marriage is over" Phil Signs over The Albert to Vincent!

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Sharon's past will creep up on her next week when husband Phil tells her he has found her father. It comes in a week where Sharon tells Phil that their marriage is over when she learns of his deceit once again.

The week initially started off well when Sharon's bar The Albert got amazing reviews in the local paper. Things take a bad turn when Phil tells her he has had no choice but to sign over The Albert to Vincent Hubbard.

As Vincent and Kim make themselves at home in their new bar, Sharon demands they leave but finds out that Phil forged her signature in the handover.

Sharon is horrified when she realises what Phil has done for Vincent.
Sharon is horrified

Sharon slaps Phil

Sharon informs Phil that when she finds her biological father, their marriage is over. But Phil hands her a piece of paper saying he has found her father and drives her to the address.

As she sits outside of the house, Sharon struggles to come to terms with seeing her biological father for the first time and soon asks Phil to take her home.

Reeling from the day's events, Sharon decides to takes control of her life and pays Vincent a visit to discuss The Albert.

A furious Sharon tells Vincent to get out of her bar
A furious Sharon tells Vincent to get out

Taking matters into her own hands, Sharon firmly warns Vincent that she's not afraid to go to the police about the forged signature unless he agrees to be her business partner.

Feeling stronger after the meeting, Sharon heads back to Gordon's house alone and tells him she's his daughter.

With Sharon away from the Square, Phil and Ronnie fear what she has said to Vincent when they are unable to locate her.

Concerned, they both agree to remind her she's a Mitchell and needs to make sacrifices for the family, but are left stunned when she arrives home with Gordon and introduces him to her family. But is all as it seems?

Sharon waits at Gordon's door to tell him she is his daughter.
Sharon waits at Gordon's door

Gordon opens the door to Sharon
Gordon opens the door to Sharon

Sharon and Gordon talk.
Sharon and Gordon talk

Everyone is stunned when Sharon announces that Gordon is coming to stay.
Everyone is stunned by Sharon's announcement

Gordon meets Phil
Gordon meets Phil

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

New EastEnders Trailer + Schedule Change

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Monday, 25 May 2015

EastEnders will be on BBC One at 7.30pm this week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Phil wants Vincent gone for good.

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With the feuding escalating between the Mitchell's and the Hubbards, Charlie deicides to confront Ronnie with the information that Vincent has given him. Once he arrives at the hospital, Charlie decides to hold off as Ronnie says she is coming home.

Phil has another run in with Vincent and pays Ronnie a visit, he wants Vincent gone and this time, for good.

Phil pays Claudette a visit and explains to her that her precious son has been arrested this past week. Claudette doesn't seem to care and tells Vincent to stay away from the Mitchell's.

Danny Dyer's Daughter Dating His 'Son'

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

It's not a Jeremy Kyle show special and it's also not as weird as the title makes out but Sam Strike who played Danny's son in EastEnders is dating his real life daughter Dani.

It is reported that Danny couldn't be happier about the pair dating. Danny even introduced daughter Dani ,18,  to Sam ,21, last year and has encouraged the blossoming relationship.

Hunky Sam, who left the soap at Christmas, played Mick Carter's gay son Johnny in the gritty BBC soap.

Sam Smith (centre) has left the soap (pictured here with girlfriend Dani, left, and a pal)
According to reports Dani and Sam grew close when they starred in gangster sequel Bonded By Blood 2.

A source told The Sun On Sunday: "As soon as Dani and Sam met, thanks to Danny, they hit it off. It was a bit of a coincidence, but luckily for them Danny didn't mind.
"He found it funny and fully supported them."

Danny, who has played Mick on the soap for two years now , has said his "career was f***ed" before he took on the role.

Speaking to Alan Carr on Chatty Man earlier this month, he said: "I'm just honoured to be part of that show. It was going through a mad stage, and it was a big risk bringing the Carters in and it could have gone either way.

"I love acting. I love my job. I've always loved it and it was a great opportunity for me, and the rest of the Carters, to show what they could do on that platform.
With dad: Dani and... Danny
"I think a lot of people wanted to see me fail. Lets be fair, I was a joke at the time. My career was f***ed. My last three films bombed. I couldn't catch a cold, to be fair."

New Arrival in EastEnders (PICTURES)

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A brand spanking new character will arrive next week in the shape of Paul Coker, Pam and Les' grandson. As the couple plan to attend the centenary party for the funeral service, they are worried about Paul's absence.

Les turns to his mistress Claudette for support but by then Paul has already arrived and spots the pair together.

While watching his grandfather and the mystery woman, Paul accidentally bumps into Lola causing Ben to jump to her defense.

Paul explains it was an accident and introduces himself to the group. Lola accepts his apology and invites him into Blades for a coffee.

We already reported that Paul is the new love interest for Ben Mitchell so does he have his eyes set on someone else?


EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, June 1 at 8pm on BBC One.

EastEnders boss is not happy with ITV

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dominic Treadwell-Collins has slammed ITV in a tweet regarding the editing of The British Soap awards aired this week. EastEnders took home the coverted Best Soap prize, aired on Thursday but  Treadwell-Collins was left disappointed in the way the show was edited.

"Disappointed that our thanks for those behind the scenes was cut from tonight's show," the producer tweeted, before also expressing his disappointment over the broadcaster's scheduling for the night.

"Scheduled against BBC," he added. "Play nicely ITV."

ITV aired an hour-long episode of Emmerdale against EastEnders to lead into its coverage of the two hour event.

The BBC soap won a total of eight awards at this year's ceremony, including Best Storyline and Best Single Episode for the 'Who Killed Lucy?' mystery and its live aftermath.

The Best Actor award went to Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale and Kellie Bright won Best Actress for Linda Carter, who also took home the award for Best Dramatic Performance.

Vincent Arrested

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It seems like every time we see Vincent he's purchased a bouquet of flowers from Pam's stall. She must be raking it in! But next week, Kim has had enough of her husband Vincent. On Monday, Vincent is arrested over the drug dealer witness that disappeared during Dots trial.

On Tuesday, Donna breaks the news to Kim that her brother has been doing all the dirty work for Ronnie and that something is clearly happening between them. Celebrating her birthday, Kim gets to know the real Vincent as more of his shady secrets come to light.

Charlie is reeling when Vince tells him Ronnie is in love with him, which makes things just a little awkward when Ron is given the all clear to come home.

So what will her explanation be when her husband demands answers?

Twitter reacts to Fat Elvis

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Mo has spent more than 10 years dropping his name but last night was the first time the man himself showed up on our screens.

His name first appeared in EastEnders in EastEnders in 2004, everyone has always speculated as to who the man is. But Elvis showed up to prove he was real and that the pair are engaged.

His real name is Shenton Dixon and he may look familiar, that's because he appeared in The Voice last year. Don't get too excited though, an insider told The Radio Times, it's a one off.

Here's what Twitter had to say:

EastEnders Monday: "Did you have a baby?" (VIDEO)

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Monday - A furious Masood confronts Shabnam by walfordeast
A furious Masood confronts Shabnam in Monday's episode. Will she tell him the truth?

Monday on EastEnders, it kicks off at the Masoods. "She was never adopoted".

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It's all celebrations over at the Masoods after Kush proposes to Shabnam but there is trouble looming. A conversation with Shirley makes Masood doubt that his daughter is telling him the truth about his grandchild.

Demanding answers, Masood finally gets the truth out of Shabnam. Masood storms over to Dean but his daughter begs him not to say anything.

As the truth comes out, tension rises between Masood and Shabnam and they exchange some harsh home truths. Later, Fatima has another bombshell for Masood - revealing that the baby was fostered rather than being adopted. Fatima then admits that she knows where Shabnam's daughter is...

Alfie Moon will keep tumor secret

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The final day in Walford arrives for Kat and Alfie but Alfie will be leaving the soap with a shocking secret as yesterday he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is not yet known if the tumor on his brain is benign or malignant.

Despite being told that any delay could cause the tumor to grow, he decided to ignore the situation so he could give his wife Kat the happy ending she has always wanted.

Shane Richie, who plays Alfie, had first teased the storyline last week - warning that his character would leave Albert Square with a dark secret.

Speaking at the time, he explained: "It's just the biggest curveball I think Alfie has ever been thrown in his 13 years that I've been there. I've told very few people about it at the moment, but it is a major, major, curveball. It will be interesting to see the reaction.

"Just when you think they're finding happiness, something like this happens. The audience will know, but no-one else will."

Kat and Alfie are taking a break from EastEnders as they will be starring in their own six-part spinoff series for BBC One, which will be set in Ireland.

EastEnders airs the couple's temporary departure tonight (May 22) at 8pm on BBC One.

New Oliver Carter Promo Pictures

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Get ready to melt your heart by looking at these pictures. It's been a hard few months for Mick and Linda but with the arrival of little Ollie, things look brighter than ever. Check out the pictures below and some great news at the very bottom for you hardcore Dyer fans!

Earlier this month, Dyer confirmed that he had signed a new contract which will keep him on the BBC One soap for "another couple of years".
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