OMG, Tracey Finally Gets Involved In A Storyline! (PICTURES)


Sunday, 30 August 2015

That's right, Tracey will finally be getting her own storyline when Kathy contacts the one person she can trust. Tracey has been in EastEnders for 30 years and has had a few lines in the past but this time, she finally gets a storyline.

Kathy and Tracey have worked together in the past and Kathy feels she is the one person she can contact for help. When Tracey answers the phone at The Vic, she doubts who she is talking to and then comes to the realisation that she is actually speaking to Kathy.

Phil receives a message from 'K' asking to meet him but when Phil arrives, he is confronted by Gavin. He decides to come clean about what happened after the incident at St Pancras.

When Kathy fails to get hold of Phil, she panics and decides to reach out to old friend Tracey. Stunned, Tracey struggles to come to terms with the unexpected call and tells Mick Carter what she has heard.
When Tracey later sees Phil, she explains that she has spoken to Kathy and hands him an address, Ronnie overhears the conversation and goes with Phil to meet her. Gavin decides to follow the pair to the hotel.
When they arrive, Ronnie eventually finds Kathy's room number but with Gavin following them, have they got there in time?
EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday, September 11 at 8pm on BBC One.

Whitney Is About To Change


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Whitney Dean made her first appearance way back in 2008 when she and her siblings, along with 'step-mum' Bianca were made homeless.

Whitney was cast as a 'mixed up' child and her  storylines had revolved around her fractured family life, and her sexual abuse by Bianca's partner Tony King.

Whitney has been in rough relationships and has acquainted herself with one or two of Walfords young men. But all that is about to change.

It seems Dominic Treadwell-Collins wants to take the character in a whole new direction which means the character will be growing up, fast. Many of you have commented that Shona has not been seen as often as she should on the show and we think, maybe that's because they had no idea what to do with her. With Liam gone and Carol about to depart, Whitney is going to be alone.

On screen, Whitney has been working at the school for some time and we sometimes get glimpses of her with boyfriend Lee, complaining to Sharon about Denny or just pottering about. We have heard that Shona will get some decent storylines soon, and it's about time!

Whitney will become a fierce woman with goals in life and nobody can stop her, we just hope she is not made in to some super-bitch to rival old friend Janine.

Shabnam is faced with a difficult decision in Monday's preview (VIDEO)

Shabnam and Kush are still in shock but still have decisions to make

For more information, please visit the official EastEnders site

Scrapped! - Grant was to rape wife Tiffany!

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Late last year we were witness to Linda Carter's tragic rape storyline, but almost mirroring that  almost 18 years ago was the storyline they had planned for the Christmas day episode where Grant was to rape his wife Tiffany!

This caused many arguments with Ross Kemp who played Grant because, by then, he was loved by the nation and knew this would end his character. Tabloid reports suggested that Kemp was "absolutely livid" over the storyline idea and planned to quit unless it was scrapped. Knowing that the popular actor was too important to lose, the writers didn't proceed with the plot and a pacified Kemp stayed on as Grant until late 1999.

Well, we for one are glad that didn't happen. We have more 'Scrapped!' posts coming soon.

Thursday Preview: Masood Tries Kung Foo and Handbag Swinging! - (VIDEO)

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Masood turns to the art of Kung Foo in tonight's episode.

More Dramatic Pictures Released - Kathy's House Raid

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Last week we shared the pictures, mainly behind the scenes, of Kathy being arrested When DCI Marsden is tipped off about her being alive and faking her death. The pictures see Kathy watch on in horror as the police smash down her door and then she is bundled into the back of the police car. We will bring you more info when we have it, until then check out the pictures below.

Thursday Preview: Masood Ties Kung Foo and Handbag Swinging! - (VIDEO)

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Masood turns to the art of Kung Foo in tonight's episode.

Rakhee Talks Tragic Storyline - 'I had a duty to mothers'

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Tomorrow will see Shabnam and Kush lose their unborn son in the latest tragic storyline for the Masood family. This causes heartache within the family and subsequently prompts Shabnam's return to Pakistan.

Speaking on This Morning to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Thankar explained: "Shabnam has been suspecting that something is wrong for some time. Her body has been trying to tell her something.

"But this is a girl who really doesn't want to go there because her baby dying is the unthinkable. So it's not on her radar.

"She doesn't want to worry anyone either or - want for a better word - make a fuss. But there is something wrong.

"I really hope this shows that there really is no harm in expectant mothers picking up their phone and calling their midwife if they are concerned. This is the message we are trying to get across."

She added: "I felt a duty to make everyone I did everything I possibly could."

 Shabnam fell pregnant just weeks before best friend Stacey fell pregnant, but the ultimate blow may come from Stacey's unborn child as we think the baby will actually be fathered by Kush and not Martin after the pair were sleeping together before Kush decided to propose to Shabnam.
 The heartbreaking scenes will air on Friday 28th August.

Why Kathy's Husband Gavin HAS to be Sharon's Dad


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The internet has been flooded again asking if Gavin Sullivan is Sharon's biological father. The whole biological father storyline for Sharon was thrown out there earlier this year but nothing really came of it. The letters she was left by her real mum after she passed away were signed by her father, a man called Gavin.

Not long after Phil was busted for paying a random man to pretend to be her father, Sharon was taken to the house of her real father. The house is very much like, or is the one we see Kathy take the police to in Fridays episode.

We personally think the fans cracked the case on this one. You have been saying it for ages. Do you think it's the same Gavin or just a coincidence? Of course not, it's a soap!

We would love to know what you think.

Babe's dark secret finally exposed in Ramsgate - (PICTURES)


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Carter family will visit Ramsgate next week and aunt Babe's secret is set to be exposed. Babes has been keeping a dark secret and it's about to be revealed.

The family want to confront Babe over the disappearance of Stan's ashes and with Babe nowhere around, the three break in to the caravan and search for the ashes.

 Whilst they search, Tina comes across a suspicious photo album but when Shirley takes a look they are interrupted by a fuming Babe.

Shirley takes this time to have a heart to heart and asks Tina and Mick to wait outside. When Shirley finds the ashes, she snatches them and leaves. Babe rushes outside and begs the family to let her come home with them. This is when she finally decides to reveal what happened to Mick as a baby.

Sat in a cafe, Babe opens up and also drops Heather Trott's mums name, Queenie. A suspicious Shirley walks out. After putting two and two together, Shirley asks Babe about her secret. After hearing what Babe has to say, Shirley is disgusted and decides to take matters into her own hands in true Shirley Carter style.

EastEnders air these scenes on Thursday, September 3 at 7.30pm and Friday, September 4 at 8pm on BBC One.

Army Bosses Witness Lee's Violent Attack - (PICTURES)

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Lee Carter is about to face a reality check next week when his army bosses witness him violently punch his ex boss. We noticed Lee struggle to cope with his depression earlier this summer and his sister Nancy even tried to help.

When Lee and Whitney arrive at the Vic, Lee is confronted by Sergeant Major Wallace, who asks Lee to see the CO. He is concerned that lee is still being absent from work.

He is given a harsh warning when he refuses to see the CO and confides in Whitney.
During his talk with Whitney, Lee implies that he would like to return to active duty, but upon his return to The Vic he soon realises he is needed there instead.

Whitney agrees to go with Lee to his next meeting but that's where everything gets worse for the Carter lad. Lee bumps into his old boss Harry and with Lee waiting to meet his CO, Harry tries to charm Whitney, causing her to bring up something that happened between him and Lee in the past.

Furious, Harry confronts Lee and gives him a harsh warning, forcing Lee to snap and punch him to the ground in front of Major Wallace and his CO. What will this mean for Lee's future in the army?

Kush and Shabnam struggle after agonising loss (PICTURES)

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It seems the pair will hit the rocks in the next few weeks as they struggle to come to terms from the tragic loss of their unborn baby. Shabnam will go to the hospital on Friday after noticing the baby's movements have stopped.

Although they initially try to support each other with one of the hardest things anyone could go through, their relationship will struggle as they both have completely different ways of coping.

While Shabnam prepares to give birth, Kush is completely lost and grief stricken and turns to Masood for support. With some words of advice from Masood, Kush stands up to his responsibilities and returns to the delivery room to support Shabnam while she delivers their son.

While Shabnam stays strong to say her goodbyes to their son, Kush feels broken and leaves the room again.

After returning home from the hospital, Shabnam grows frustrated at Carmel when she brings up the wedding and walks out, but when Kush goes to find her, he is shocked to hear that she is planning to move back to Pakistan after the funeral that day.

Later, Kush desperately pleads with Shabnam to stay but with emotions running high, the pair clash and Kush tells Shabnam that she should move to Pakistan and stay there.

With Carmel and Masood also reeling from their own argument over the situation, they soon realise that they need to work together to bring Shabnam and Kush back together. Is there any hope left for the heartbroken pair?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

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