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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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Elaine Confronts Cheating Babe - PICTURES

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Judging from this picture, nobody would want to get on the wrong side of Elaine. We recently revealed that Elaine's toyboy will be caught with his pants and Elaine isn't too happy.

Linda is furious with Babe for humiliating her mum but feels differently about the situation when she hears Babes side of the story. Jason later arrives to collect his things and is confronted by an angry Mick and Linda who have a few things to say.

In a weird way, the situation seems to bring Mick and Linda closer together and the pair look happier than in recent weeks.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, October 8 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Thursday Video Preview: "Who are you protecting?"

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A desperate Max confronts Jane in Thursday's episode.

Elaine's Toyboy Cheats With Aunt Babe!

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Linda makes her feelings clear about Jason to her mum Elaine, she explains that he is too young for her and that she doesn't trust him. Mick feels there is another reason for her behaviour. After speaking to Elaine, the pair agree to let Jason stay.

Elaine later tells Babe that she needs to find a toyboy like Jason, when Linda and Mick make their way to bed they hear a noise from downstairs. When they investigate, they find Jason and Babe in a state of undress.

Shabnam: "I want my daughter back" - PICTURES

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Next week Shabnam will decide she wants her daughter back. Shabnam gave up Jade years ago after she fell pregnant following a one night stand with Dean Wicks.

Kush and Shabnam are trying to rebuild their lives after the loss of their baby. Shabnam assures Kush that her change of heart is nothing to do with her grief but Kush finds it hard to believe.

After a difficult moment with Stacey, Shabnam decides to dismantle Zaair's cot, but later spots Jade arriving at the Carters'.

 After ignoring everything Kush has said to her, Shabnam approaches the social worker and explains that she wants Jade back and to live with her.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, October 8 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Ian Finally Reunited With Mum Kathy Next Week! - PICTURES

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Next week, viewers will get what they have been waiting months for. Kathy and Ian will finally reunite after 8 years. Although we have seen her a few times since her reveal back in February, Ian has no idea and will find out next week.

After Ian and Bobby return to Walford, Bobby overhears a journalist speaking to Jane about Max and lashes out. Ian pulls him to one side and reminds him that Jane is his mother.

Ian later pops round to see Sharon to thank her for supporting Jane in his absence. Instead of being offered a cuppa, Sharon lays into him about disappearing during the trial and leaving Jane to face it alone.

Ian explains to Jane later how sorry he is and writes a letter. Jane starts to panic the next morning when she wakes up in an empty bed. Jane rushes round to Sharon to explain that Ian is going to commit suicide and then she rushes to the one place she thinks he might be.

Jane finds a rose on Lucy's grave that Ian bought from Pam earlier.

Later, Jane finds Ian on a bridge and tries her best to get him to step down. After her emotional plea, Ian finally takes her hand and steps down.

As Ian and Jane embrace, Ian could not prepare himself to what he would see next as Kathy runs around the corner.

As Ian and Kathy reel from seeing each other, the reunion takes a very sudden turn which could change everything. How will Ian cope with the truth that his mum is actually alive?

Ian Finally Reunited With Mum Kathy Next Week! - PICTURES

The Carter's Meet Jason Adams - PICTURES

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Meet Jason Adams, the toyboy of Linda's mum Elaine. The pair will arrive a while after Linda comes home a little earlier than planned. They will also have a surprise, they are engaged.

The pair will make themselves at home in the Vic and Linda is not happy. Linda asks Jason to leave and upsets Elaine by telling her she can't accept him as a father figure due to the age gap.

Elaine upsets Babe by telling her she should take a leaf out of her book and bag herself a toyboy. Later, Babe is caught in the act with Jason!

EastEnders Boss: “You’ve got Phil, Kathy, Sharon… there’s a person missing, isn’t there?”

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Has EastEnders boss Dominic just given us the biggest clue as to who the next returnee is? He recently said "never say never" when it comes to the return of Grant Mitchell. Of course he would never tell us but he certainly will throw out a few hints.

“I think the fact that you’ve got Phil, Kathy, Sharon – there’s a person missing, isn’t there?” Treadwell-Collins admitted during today’s EastEnders panel at the Radio Times Festival.

Treadwell-Collins admitted he is personally keen to see it happen.
“Actually, to get all four on screen at the same time is a dream. As an EastEnders fan, you want to watch that. I want to watch that.”

DTC has said that it is all coming together. Sharon returned in 2012 and now Kathy even managed to make it back from beyond the grave. I am sure Dominic has noticed the huge swarm of viewers interest over the past couple of years for him to bring back the original hard man.

Would Ross Kemp return? Of course! Ross has always said he would return but only for the right storyline.

Lets just see what happens. We have already seen, when  Treadwell-Collins wants something to happen on 'Enders, it does. Would you like to see Grant step out of a taxi in Walford?

Carter Revenge on Dean will involve a wetsuit

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We recently revealed the Christmas storyline will be revolved around the Carter's and the revenge on Dean Wicks after the horrific attack on Linda in late 2014.

Exec producer Dominic recently said: “There’s a lot of big resolutions coming in the New Year,” executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins revealed at today’s Radio Times Festival. “Danny’s been fitted for a wet suit and he’s going into water...”

Danny has recently shared that he also gets angry with the storyline, just like the viewers.
“It winds me up, I get the hump over it,” with Treadwell-Collins joking: “We are going to wrap it up. It needs to. I can’t take your temper for that long.”
“The geezer’s going to get it. Don’t worry. He’s going to get it,” Dyer added, admitting, “I can’t help it,” as he became angry and animated.

In fact, Dyer confessed his wife playfully teases him when he explains difficult days filming darker content. Dyer said she tells him to cool it. “She’ll say, ‘Oh did you have to pull some pints today?’” But Dyer says dramatic storylines are emotionally draining, with many scenes filmed in twelve-hour days.
“I’ve had to draw on all of my acting skills to do it well.”

Dean is currently dating Roxy and we witnessed the start of the abuse storyline when he burned her neck with hair straighteners on Friday. We think this will twist into the big Christmas storyline that will explode onto our screens over the festive period. 

All next week on EastEnders

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We find out next week if Max will be sent down for the murder he did not commit? As things get even hotter under his collar, Max will make a rash decision that will shock everyone.

After hearing what Max says in court, Jane is left with the choice of finally telling the truth or stick to her story. Stacey decides to quiz Max over his recent admission and Lauren struggles to cope.

Carol also decides to move to Milton Keynes after recent events have left her feeling fed up. She dismisses the idea at first but then she weighs up the pros and cons of moving out of Walford.

Abi also quizzes Lauren over her relationship with peter before handing her a ticket to return to New Zeland. Lauren seems confused if she should leave.

Linda arrives home early from her holiday and she couldn't have timed it better. Mick struggles with the recent events with his son Lee and feels Linda would be able to help. Linda is putting on a tough front as the anniversary of her attack is looming and Dean is still strutting around like nothing happened.

Linda sits Lee down after she is told of his depression and decides to let him in on a little secret. Lee then opens up to his mum.

Elsewhere, the family find out the truth about Nancy’s seizures and she agrees to see a doctor. On her return the family have a group hug, but it’s interrupted by a surprise announcement… Elaine is engaged to her toyboy!

Phil is getting prepared to save his marriage to Sharon next week and with their anniversary fast approaching, he decides to get Jane to convince Sharon to take him back.

Jane then tells Sharon whats really going on and Phil quickly says the pair are going on holiday. Sharon realises he's lying and bickering ensues. Phil then heads on over to the car lot where he finds Ben and Paul in a . . . well, lets call it a warm embrace!

EastEnders, Monday, Tusday, Thursday, Friday, BBC1

EastEnders Monday Video Preview: "Have you reached a verdict?"

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Will Max's fate be sealed in Monday's episode?

EastEnders to embark on abuse storyline?


Tonight we see Ronnie reveal to Dean that Roxy was involved in the plan that see the pair run away to Paris with Ronnie's husband Charlie. Dean seemed a little annoyed but we later see him tend to Roxy's hair and "accidentally" burn her with hair straighteners, but was it an accident?

We told you yesterday that Linda will get her justice this Christmas when the big storyline will revolve around the Carter family.

Nothing has yet been confirmed by EastEnders but it would seem quite fitting in the lead up to his character getting his comeuppance over the festive period and also, domestic abuse is always an important topic to tackle in a soap.

The unexpected incident is eerily-timed as next week's episodes mark one year since Dean raped Linda Carter at the Queen Vic. He is still yet to face punishment for his actions after the authorities failed to pursue the case against him.
Matt Di Angelo, who plays Dean, returned to EastEnders in early 2014 on a one-year contract. He later signed another 12-month deal, keeping Dean on the Square for until at least Christmas or even the new year. What do you think?

Was Charlie Cotton Killed Off?


As we watched Charlie try to take the upper hand with wife Ronnie last night we all knew he was making a big mistake. Charlie made a shock reappearance after he left a few days ago when he decided not to take son Matthew with him and left him in a train station waiting room.

After Charlie returned, he threatened Ronnie with the murder of Carl as a way to keep her from getting in his way. Viewers were not shown what happened but things didn't look good when his wallet was found in a bin and after it was passed to Roxy, she started questioning her sister.

Is Charlie dead? WHat do you think.

EastEnders continues on Friday (September 25) at 8pm on BBC One.

Back To Ours Preview: The Brannings

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Jake Wood, Lorna Fitzgerald and Jacqueline Jossa discuss how good Max is at being a dad.

EastEnders Christmas Story Revealed

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It looks like it will be a Carter Christmas this year! Fans have been waiting a long time for this and it looks like Linda will finally get justice for the attack by Dean Wicks.

Speaking with OK! magazine in a recent interview, Danny Dyer teased that, despite co-star Kellie Bright's busy schedule with Strictly Come Dancing, big things are coming up for the Carter family.

Asked for any spoilers, he said: "Where do I start? We've got loads coming up.

"New Year's Day is proper! It's all about the Carters."

In October 2014, Dean Wicks attacked and raped sister-in-law Linda in a hard hitting storyline. Viewers were furious when Dean didn't face time behind bars when the CPS dropped the charges due to lack of evidence.

Danny recently said that justice will be served. He told Inside Soap magazine: “I know I have got some more stuff coming up with him, and if and when the truth comes out, all the people who have supported him will have egg in their faces.”

Dominic also revealed that the storyline was not over with and that there are more twists and turns ahead for Dean.

The Carters have been building two storylines currently with Lee's depression and struggling to control her epilepsy.
Guess we'll just have to wait for those festive storylines to be confirmed, eh?

What do you think will happen this Christmas and New Year's Eve in EastEnders?

Max's Fate Revealed

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The trial of Max Branning will come to an end on Monday night and hopefully the end of the Lucy Beale storyline. Max will finally face his fate after being wrongly charged for Lucy's murder.

Jake Wood - who plays Max - commented: "Max is very nervous as the jury prepares to deliver its verdict. He's innocent and didn't kill Lucy and wants everyone to know that. He's so nervous and is just hoping that everything turns out okay.

"I think Max is a survivor and he would be okay if he is sent to jail, but it's definitely out of his depth. He's innocent and he's there for the wrong reasons. Initially he would probably struggle in jail but he would learn to cope if he is found guilty.

"If he gets off, I hope he could get back to having a good relationship with his daughters and get back on his feet. He's lost everything - he's lost his house, the car lot and he's got nothing to his name. He would have to start again and rebuild from the bottom. I'd like to see him get back on his feet."

 There are apparently still some twists and turns ahead for this storyline before its end on Monday including the one on Thursday where Jane gives a false alibi to try and free Max.

Asked about Max's reaction to Jane's unexpected evidence, Wood explained: "I think he's very confused at that point. He doesn't know why Jane is saying what she's saying. He also doesn't know what Jane's motives are in saying what she does.

"He's just very confused and wants to know what's going on. I think he feels a little bit out of control. He's inside and it seems like he can't control anything. Everything is happening in the Square away from him. He's very frustrated and confused as to why Jane does what she does."
Unsettled by how the case is progressing, Max will take matters into his own hands by making a rash decision that could change everything.

"Max just cracks," Wood admitted. "He doesn't think about the consequences or how it could affect things. It's very dramatic and there are lots of surprises."

Wood laughed: "He'd be shocked! He'd be relieved though, because it would mean he would get off the hook. If he found out, I think he'd just go straight to the police and tell them the truth.
"If he found out that any his family knew, I think he'd be very upset. Mainly that they let him go through everything and didn't speak up to try and help him.

"I think he'd understand why the Beales have been protecting Bobby, but at the same time, I don't think he would really worry about that. I think he'd just go straight to the police and tell them."
EastEnders reveals Max's fate on Monday, September 28 at 8pm on BBC One.

Carol Leaves Walford

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

After a chat with Sonia, Carol decides she needs to think of herself and agrees to move to Milton Keynes to be with Bianca and the kids.

At her farewell dinner, Carol surprises Sami and Robbie with a puppy, Wellard 2! With some of her loved ones not wanting her to leave, she grasps the opportunity and leaves Walford.

Also in this episode: Sharon confronts Phil about his recent behaviour, but they start to get things back on track when she believes that he is telling her the truth. However, Phil is stopped in his tracks when he receives a visitor. Phil suddenly surprises Sharon and tells her they're going on a holiday, but as they leave, the visitor returns. How will Sharon react when she realises Phil has lied to her again?

Later at the car lot, Ben and Paul are getting steamy again but they're caught in the act by Phil.
Elsewhere, Lauren is frustrated when Abi questions her about her relationship with Peter and gives her a plane ticket back to New Zealand. With her family in pieces, Lauren takes matters into her own hands, but can she leave Walford again?

Also today, Nancy's family discover the truth about her seizures and she agrees to see a doctor. When she returns, the united Carters share a group hug but are interrupted by Elaine, who arrives back with her new fiancé...

Friday, Oct 02 2015 at 20:00

Thursday Video Preview: "She wouldn't..."

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A card for Ian spurs Lauren into action in Thursday's episode.

Elaine returns with new toyboy - PICTURES

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Scott Neal, who starred in The Bill and the movie Beautiful Thing will arrive in Walford with Elaine. Elaine, Nancy and Linda recently went on holiday together but Elaine brings Jase back with her.

This comes in a week where Linda finds out about her sons depression and discharge from the army.

Linda is also having to deal with Nancy when she reveals she is having more seizures. When Nancy comes home from the doctors, the family share a lovely moment until Elaine bursts through the dorr with Jase and announces him as her fiancé.

 EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins first announced the storyline earlier this month, promising that it would inject the fun factor back into The Vic.

He said at the time: "We also have some rare fun for the Carters with Maria Friedman returning for a three-month stint as Elaine, with Scott Neal in tow as her toyboy lover. This will add a little bit of fun - it is fun for Mick and Linda in The Vic."

Ben and Paul CAUGHT by Phil! - PICTURES

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It's not a good week for Ben Mitchell next week when his big secret is out. The pair will regret their decision to use the car lot cabin and leave the door unlocked.

Ben and Paul have had a casual relationship since Paul's arrival in June but he planned to keep the secret relationship under wraps because he does not want his family, or girlfriend Abi, to know that he is gay.

After an argument with Sharon, Phil heads on over to the car lot and walks in on Ben and Paul then the pair scramble to put their clothes back on.

This is a bad time for Phil as he is trying his best to make his marriage to Sharon work after it was revealed that his ex-wife Kathy was still alive.

After the discovery, Ben fears the worst but will it be as bad as he imagined?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday, October 2 at 8pm on BBC One.

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