Mysterious Character Kyle.


Saturday, 31 October 2015

Yesterday we see newcomer Kyle appear randomly throughout the hour long episode. It was previously confirmed that Riley Carter Millington who plays Kyle is part of a big storyline due to play out over Christmas.

He seemed to keep an eye on Stacey. Once from outside her window and then from within the crowded party inside her home.

When Kyle walked off, he pulled out a key attached to a chain from around his neck. The key matched the one Stacey has which has left viewers wondering if he is related. All we know is the key was given to Stacey by her brother Sean, the key had previously belonged to their father but she has no idea what it opens.

When Jean returned for her wedding, she flipped out when she realised she had the key. We personally have no idea what the key is for but rumors have it that it is for a safety deposit box which holds the genuine birth certificate of Sean which will show that Kat is in fact his mother.

We will be keeping an eye on this story for you but what do you think the secret is behind the key?

EastEnders Pictures: Martin Punches Lee!

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Friday, 30 October 2015

These pictures are from tonight's episode where Martin punches Lee after his pregnant girlfriend (and maybe fiance by the end of tonight's episode) gets electrocuted from faulty wiring that Lee supposedly fixed.   The shock will cause Stacey to go into premature labour.

EastEnders airs an hour-long Halloween special tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Ben Stands Up To Gavin

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Tonight, Ben will stand up to Gavin. Scenes last night showed Phil and Ben talking in the hospital and Phil expressed his dislike about him being with Paul so he feels the need to protect his family and show his family what he is really made of.

The Mitchells and Beales are all worried about Gavin's next move but Paul tells Ben to take matters into his own hands.

 Later, Ben meets with Gavin and tries his hardest to scare him off, thinking he is acting in true Mitchell style.

EastEnders airs tonight at 8.30pm on BBC One.

Look who's back in Walford!

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Millionaire's Kat and Alfie Moon are back in Walford. Jessie Wallace who plays Kat posted this selfie on Twitter with the caption: 14 years together@realshanerichie Kat&AlfieForever

The couple were last seen earlier in the year leaving after they won £1million on a scratchcard. Kat also unknowingly has a son out there in the world and Alfie was told he had a brain tumor. They will be returning to spend Christmas with Stacey and it was also revealed that Charlie Slater would return for the festive period also.

Their brief return to EastEnders paves the way for their upcoming six-part spinoff series on BBC One, where viewers will see the Moons head off to Ireland.

Shane also posted:

Kathy Beale, Scream Queen This Halloween

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

EastEnders will air their one hour Halloween Special in only a couple of days and writer Leo Richardson has revealed that he had many of Hollywood's iconic horror films in his head when writing the episode.

"I love horror movies," he told Radio Times. "My first draft was probably way over the top and I was told to pull it back a little bit.
"But most of the references to Scream, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street are all still in there somewhere.

"Kathy is basically the Scream Queen in her own horror movie."

In the past, we have seen Abi stalk her sister, Janine murder her husband Michael Moon, this year many characters will have turning points in their lives.

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: "Our Halloween episode kicks off a lot of big things. There's lots of stuff for Sharon, for Phil, for Stacey and Martin. A lot of things are kickstarted in this episode.
"What you'll see is that Kathy and Phil have both been given panic buttons and everyone thinks that Gavin has gone. But of course not!"

Gillian Taylgorth who plays Kathy said:  "It was wonderfully written, it was fantastic," she told Huffington Post of her experience making it. "Paul Nicholas [who plays Gavin] has turned into this tyrant!
"He was fantastic. He’s got such a charming smile but he can be really menacing. He loves it – he’s never played anything like that.
"He’s really gone for it and it’s a joy to behold.”

The Halloween special of EastEnders airs on Friday at 7:30pm on BBC One.



Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Danny Dyer has posted a few LIPP videos where he has voiced over a video. They are of course, 100% Dyer and therefore the clips contain strong language. They are funny as hell, Enjoy!

Kim Struggles - PICTURES


Kim will struggle after the breakdown of her marriage. Last week Kim decided to stand by her family after Vincent and Ronnie's affair was exposed. Vincent had bought number one Albert Square for Kim and Pearl to move into. Kim was ecstatic about it but soon came back down to earth with the help of Denise and Patrick. 

With everyone in Walford excited for the Shabnam and Kush wedding, Kim finds it difficult to keep up appearances.  The question is will Kim go back to Vincent?

Stacey's Miracle Baby

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Stacey will make the front page news in all the local newspapers. Stacey gives birth to her baby after getting a nasty electric shock at her Halloween party on Friday. She will get all the unwanted attention as she is worried about the paternity of her newborn. Will she have to come clean? Of course, it's a soap!

Lee comes under pressure also this week when he is responsible for the faulty wiring that shocks Stacey at the party. An already depressed Lee will become distant from Whitney.  He decides to cope with the situation by partying and drinking.

Martin meets all his mates in the Vic to celebrate the birth of the baby and makes amends with Lee, he decides to party with the boys leaving Whitney on the side lines. Elaine offers Whitney some words of advice.

"Show me the baby scan" - PICTURES

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Stacey starts to panic when Shabnam confronts her about hiding the baby scan pictures from her. Shabnam  realises that the baby may not be Martin's and her mind starts working overtime. Stacey's secret seems to be leaving Kush in an impossible situation. Let's just hope he doesn't do something stupid!

Shabnam's Wedding Day Arrives - Pictures

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It's the day of Kush and Shabnam's wedding but things may not go to plan as secrets are spilling out all over the place. Nancy also has a little makeover courtesy of Aunt Fatima and, although a little uncomfortable, Tamwar is pleased with the effort she has gone to, to please his family.

Phil's Back on The Bottle

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Poor Phil has had it rough this past few months, but that's great for Steve fans because he gives such an amazing performance acting out a drunk person or someone on drugs.

Phil has struggled massively in the past with alcohol and drugs and it seems his old demons are returning as he feels he can't cope. Ben is left shocked when he walks in on drunk Phil who begs him for more alcohol.

Harry Reid, who plays Ben, commented: "Ben has only seen bits of Phil drinking, back in the early years when Charlie Jones played Ben. Ultimately Phil is a strong man. In Ben's eyes, he's God! So when Ben sees that weak bit of Phil, it gives Ben a bit of backbone.

"Ben loves his dad and he's got to sort him out. Although he hasn't seen it much, he's heard about that part of Phil's life and what it means. There will be a reaction from Ben and he'll man up.

"You take a strong character like Phil and alcohol weakens him and brings him down, like a kick to the guts. That gives Ben some oomph to get him back on track."

Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Beale, added: "The reason Phil has gone back to drinking you'll find out later - it's what Gavin did to him. Gavin is very cunning. He knows everyone's weakness and uses it. Gavin knows that drinking is Phil's weakness.

"Steve McFadden is fantastic, I have to say, in all the episodes onwards."

Dominic Treadwell-Collins explained: "Phil has escaped from Gavin but he's now a broken man and he begs Ben to get him booze, because he's already had some while he's been locked away by Gavin.
"This is the start of a massive storyline for Steve McFadden that will take us right the way through to Easter."
EastEnders airs its Halloween special on Friday (October 30) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Kat and Alfie's Life Changing Christmas

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

June Whitfield is returning to EastEnders as Sister Ruth. Earlier this year, Kat arrived at the old convent where she gave birth to her daughter Zoe and unknowingly her son.

We were treated to an entire episode which delved back into Kat's past but Sister Ruth was keeping something back.

June will return to EastEnders at Christmas. She said: "I am so thrilled to be returning to EastEnders to revisit Sister Ruth and am really looking forward to working with Jessie Wallace again."

An EastEnders insider added: "Kat and Alfie are going to have a life-changing time back in The Square and Sister Ruth's involvement is going to be crucial.

"She holds the key to a big part of Kat's life, but are some things better off left in the past or will she confess her secrets?"

This will set the story for the pair to make their way to Ireland in search for answers. 

PICTURES: Mick and Ronnie plot against Dean

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It's approaching the time you have all been waiting for, Dean Wicks will get his comeuppance. In these pictures released are from an episode due to air on November 2nd show Mick, who is at the end of his tether, meets Ronnie to put a plan together to get rid of Dean once and for all.

The question is, after all the pain Dean has caused his family, Mick is in deed a family man. Will he actually go through with the plan?

It has recently been announced that Matt Di Angelo, who plays Dean, will leave the show with some at EastEnders saying that Dean “gets his comeuppance”, while adding: “Matt’s exit will be explosive. Viewers are in for a nail-biting treat.”

The insider went on: “We’re giving nothing away but there’s lots more drama to come.”

Insider: New Year Return For Ross Kemp

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

We have heard through the grapevine that Ross Kemp will bring Grant Mitchell back to Walford in the new year when brother Phil, after going through an ordeal with gangster Gavin.

He will return to help his brother who falls off the wagon and turns to alcohol.

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has made Grant’s return a priority so that he can reunite the show’s “big four” characters – Grant, Phil, Sharon and Kathy.

Sources have revealed how he has been in contact with Ross, 51, to sound him out about returning a decade after he last appeared in the soap.

An insider said: “Dominic has put out discreet feelers and has been quite encouraged by the response.
Storylines don’t get much bigger than getting the Mitchell brothers back together.”

Dominic himself has admitted: “I think the fact that you’ve got Phil, Kathy, Sharon – there’s a person missing, isn’t there?
"To get all four on screen at the same time is a dream. As an EastEnders fan, you want to watch that.”

He recently admitted: “Yeah, if it’s the right time, definitely, why not?”
An EastEnders spokesman said there were no current plans for him to return, but added: “Never say never.”

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford respond on Twitter

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Les Coker stunned wife and grandson in EastEnders last night when his alter-ego Christine was revealed. Many viewers took to social media to praise the acting and writing over the sensitive subject, others could not get get over how Christine looked a little like Ruth Langsford of This Morning.

Eamonn Holmes also joked:

Responding to one viewer who also pointed out the similarities, Eamonn added: "I swear, @RuthieeL has wet her pants laughing in the back seat of our car - she agrees! Wine may have helped."
Ruth also wrote on Twitter: "I'm flattered Les has modelled Christine on me!! x"
She added: "It's uncanny! x"

With all jokes aside, and remember it is all light-hearted,  Roger Sloman and Lin Blakley who play Les and Pam Coker have done a fantastic job and viewers even praised Roger saying it has been his best acting so far in the soap. It is a very big subject to tackle and the story will be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

The future of the couple is unknown as the pair are set to be lonely this Christmas. We hope they will be back together by the new year. What do you think?

EastEnders Really Creepy Halloween Trailer!

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Friday, 23 October 2015

EastEnders release their really creepy Halloween Trailer!

Haloween Trailer by walfordeast

Sound Glitch Ruins Tense Moment


Fans vented on social media last night after a sound glitch ruined the duff duff. A tense moment between Ronnie and Linda started building as Ronnie offered her services to Linda to help get rid of Dean once and for all was ruined when the sound disappeared.

Some people took to twitter to complain:

I personally didn't actually notice but many of you commented on our page about the problem. The BBC or EastEnders have not yet commented about the glitch, we imagine they are looking into it.

Shocks and surprises for viewers this Halloween

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Dominic Treadwell-Collins has said this years hour long Halloween special will be the start of many of the future storylines and push EastEnders into Christmas, New Year and spring.

“We’re proud of this episode,” he said. “Over the years we’ve made Halloween into a thing, getting scarier and scarier - and this episode is a little bit special. This episode kicks off a lot of big things. Big stuff for Sharon and big stuff for Phil. This is the start of a massive storyline for Steve McFadden that will take us through until Easter. And big stuff for Stacey and Martin.”

But that's not all, “Also watch out for the Carters,” Dominic said. “Whitney becomes a bit more permanent behind the bar through her relationship with Lee . And we’re getting ready to film some scenes with wetsuits! As for Vincent - over the next few months we’re going to find out more about his feud with Ronnie. Vincent’s been intriguing and now we’re going to find out exactly what’s been going on behind those glaring eyes!”

We revealed last week that Kat, Alfie and Charlie are also returning briefly. We will get lots more of their story before they head off to Ireland. Jessie and Shane will start filming the scenes in Ireland next week.

The hour-long Halloween special will air at 7.30pm on Friday 30th October. 

More info can be found at the Official EastEnders Website.

Goodbye Dean - Matt Leaves EastEnders

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Matt Di Angelo is set to leave EastEnders as character Dean Wicks “gets his comeuppance”, said the source, adding: “Matt’s exit will be explosive. Viewers are in for a nail-biting treat.”

EastEnders had huge ratings last year following the storyline which see Matt's character Dean rape his brothers wife Linda Carter.

The series’ executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: “There is justice. And how it’s meted out will be satisfying but shocking too.”

The insider went on: “We’re giving nothing away but there’s lots more drama to come.”

Dean is forefront of another couple of storylines at the moment, his custody battle with Shabnam over Jade and the abusive relationship of Roxy Mitchell.

The insider said: “Matt has been ­won­­derful on EastEnders and it has been great having him here.”

Some elements of this article is from The Mirror

Apparently, You Are Not Happy . . .


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fans are NOT happy after last night's episode. People are getting a little fed up with the Lucy Beale storyline. We have been told it will end at Christmas and to be fair there were some lovely scenes of Kathy becoming reacquainted with her old surroundings, a few echoed voices in the form of Pete Beale, Pat Butcher and Pauline Fowler would have been a great touch.

Kathy was under the impression that Max Branning, a man she doesn't know was responsible for her granddaughter's death but learned yesterday that it was in fact Bobby.

Viewers went online in droves and complained:

One said: "And that makes the 165,703 duff duff of someone finding out that Bobby killed Lucy. #EastEnders."

"Was EastEnders 'big revelation' literally that Bobby killed Lucy?" someone asked. "F**k off we've known that since February."

Another added: "And Bobby appears behind the sofa. #EastEnders how much longer are you gonna drag this on?"

Some people even pointed out that so many people know now that the only person who doesn't is the killer himself!

Someone said: "Can't wait for the duff-duff moment when the milkman is told that Bobby killed Lucy. Hope he gives good duff-duff face."

"Other than the dippy police, is there anyone left in Walford who doesn't know that Bobby killed Lucy?" a Twitter user wondered.

One fan said: "So that's now Ian, Jane, Peter, Cindy, Liam, Lauren, Sharon, Phil, Max, Cathy but still not Bobby - have I missed anyone?"

Meanwhile, executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins revealed that there will be a "climatic" Christmas to come for Bobby, as the Beale brood will take centre stage once again.
Maybe Bobby will finally find out what happened to that jewellery box...

Danny: "They started putting TCP in the pumps"

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Danny Dyer revealed in his new book that EastEnders bosses decided to put TCP disinfectant in the pumps to put him odd having odd drink. 

The World According to Danny Dyer is Danny's autobiography and we will have a copy to give away soon. In the book, Danny says, after a long days shooting he would often sneak the odd half pint at The Queen Vic. "There's still time for a few laughs," he said of his time on set.

"I sometimes have a half at the end of the day in The Queen Vic, though they started putting TCP in the pumps to stop me drinking it."

If he wants to have a proper drink in familiar surroundings, Dyer will soon be able to do it at home, as he's getting a mini Queen Vic built into his new house.

"I'm just about to move into my dream house. It's got a little annex which I'm turning into The Queen Vic," he said in the book.

"The prop boys are going to come in and build a mini version of it for me. I've already nicked an old sign they had. "EastEnders has played a massive part in my life and it can be a little bit of a man cave for me."

The World According to Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End is out on Thursday (October 22).

Kush Makes Discovery - PICTURES

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Kush is worried next week when he finds out that Shabnam has pushed forward their wedding. The wedding with put on hold after the death of their son in the summer but Shabnam surprises Kush, he rightly thinks it's for all the wrong reasons.

As soon as she announces this, Kush finds out that she is pushing for a residential order for Jade and he feels the wedding will be only to satisfy the application.

Kush is shocked when Shabnam says the wedding is next week. Shabnams good mood does not last long when news of her grandfather having a heart attack reaches home and Kush thinks they should hold off on the wedding.

Kush is left shocked when Shabnam insists that the wedding will still go ahead even though Masood is out of the country. He checks the laptop and realises she is doing it for all the wrong reasons.

As Martin confronts Kush about his sudden change of mood, Kush tells him that the wedding is off, prompting a concerned Stacey to talk to Shabnam about moving too quickly with the arrangements.

Later, Kush attempts to talk Shabnam, admitting that he knows what's really going on, but he walks out when she refuses to listen to him. Will the wedding still go ahead?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

Ben is about to step up! - PICTURES

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With his ordeal behind him and back home, Phil is ready to get back to normal. Ben has found out that Gavin is trying to contact his mum again. Ben urges his father to go and see DCI Marsden but when he refuses, he and Ben have an argument.

Breaking apart in the Arches, Ben speaks to Paul who is more than happy to lend his shoulder. Paul tells him to be the man and get his family sorted and functioning again.

Ben takes on Paul's advice and prepares to sort his family problems out. Later, at the Halloween party, Ben is feeling drawn to Paul once again. Ben is unable to keep his eyes off Paul when he arrives at the Vic in a rather revealing Halloween costume, but with Ben determined to do the right thing by his family, is there any hope for the pair?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, October 29 and Friday, October 30 on BBC One.

Lindas Revelation to Mick - PICTURES

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Mick and Linda will not be in the mood for celebrating next week as Halloween arrives. Mick is, as always, upbeat and ready to party until he notices that Linda certainly isn't.

After Linda refuses to dress up for Halloween, Mick persuades Babe and Elaine to dress up. Linda seems completely uninterested and Mick is determined to find out why Linda is in such a mood.

Linda finally decides to open up to Mick and reveals that she is a different person to who she was a year ago. Mick walks away feeling utterly powerless but takes matters into his own hands.

EastEnders airs these scenes in an hour-long Halloween special on Friday, October 30 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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