Baby Boy At Christmas For Stacey

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Monday, 30 November 2015

Stacey Branning will go into labour this Christmas and give birth to a baby boy. Pictures we posted yesterday showed Stacey flustered as she got into her uncle Charlie's taxi.

Kush, who is married to Stacey's best friend Shabnam, has already stated that he wants to be a part of his sons life. It seems Stacey will take matters into her own hands.

These scenes will air around the same time viewers will get to see the return of Kyle, the transgendered character who appeared briefly at Stacey's Halloween party. We have also been promised answers over Christmas with regards to Stacey's key.

What do you think Stacey should do, tell Shabnam? Well it's Christmas so we have a feeling it might come out.

Monday Preview Video: "Get it out!"

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Mick is not happy with Babe's new pet/xmas lunch.

Monday: "Get it out!" by walfordeast

Oops! Jessie Wallace breaks leg ahead of EastEnders return

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Jessie Wallace has broken her leg after she tumbled whilst walking her dog. Jessie has a hectic schedule ahead with starring in Cinderella the panto at The White Rock Theatre in Hastings and filming for EastEnders.

It has been reported that EastEnders have had a few meetings and have settled on filming scenes from the waist up to avoid getting the cast in shot. For full length shots, a body double has been brought in.

We hope Jessie has a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing the Moons back on our screen soon!

Stacey Flees Hospital With Baby! - PICTURES

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As were reported on Friday, Charlie Slater will return to Walford for Christmas and the character will also be killed off. Images have surfaced which show Stacey leaving hospital with a baby.

The images show Charlie collecting them, it has been reported that Stacey will flee from the hospital because all the scenes are filmed at night and she is clearly distressed. Maternity units don't usually discharge mums at night time.

Derek who plays Charlie Slater remarked, “I’m so excited to be coming back into such a big storyline and I can’t wait to get stuck in and be with the family.”

Look who's back! - PICTURES

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Denise gets a visit from daughter Libby next week when she returns on the day of Vincent's birthday party, the reason for her return will not go down well with mum Denise.

Before she returns, Denise is furious with Kim's decision to sell half the house and the pair have a massive falling out. It's soon revealed that Patrick arranged for Libby to return to help her mum and aunt patch things up.

After a heart-to-heart with Libby and plenty of encouragement from her daughter, Denise will finally realise that she needs to make amends with Kim. Can the sisters reconcile in time for Christmas?

Nasty Shock For Ronnie Next Week

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On Friday we were hit with the storyline that Vincent is an informant working for the police who are planning to take down the Mitchell family with a bang. Ronnie is now being blackmailed in helping them do this by threatening her with going to jail for the murder of Carl White.

Next week Ronnie refuses to help and warns Vincent not to expect her involvement. With everything that has happened, Ronnie heads over to the Mitchell household to step in and help with Phil. Sharon is obviously happy to take some time out but Phil decides to throw insults about Ronnie's past when she tries to help.

Ronnie tells Vincent that she will always put her family first, despite them all seemingly turning against her. What Vincent says next may actually leave her with no choice whatsoever.

Vincent later contacts his friends within the police to hurry with the takedown of the Mitchell's. When Vincent is told to hold off, he decides to take drastic action himself back on the square.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, November 30 at 8pm and Tuesday, December 1 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

BREAKING NEWS: Returning Character To Be Killed Off!


Friday, 27 November 2015

Kats father Charlie Slater and an EastEnders favorite is returning this Christmas only to be killed off. Derek Martin, 82, left in 2011 and returned in 2013 for one episode. Charlie will return this Christmas to spend the festive holiday with his daughter and family.

It was teased earlier in the year that this Christmas would be a tearjerker for Kat and it would have a huge impact on her life. Charlie will die on New Years Eve.

Many fans are already asking why EastEnders never seems to have a happy Christmas, we will certainly miss you Charlie!

VIDEO: Shane & Jessie Talk The Perfect Murder

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Jessie and Shane spoke about why they both decided to take part in the new dark comedy The Perfect Murder, they explained how different their characters are from Kat and Alfie Moon on EastEnders.

Richie said: "They thought it was a great idea because of our on-screen chemistry and I remember thinking that it was great because it is so different to Kat and Alfie."
Watch the full interview by clicking play below:

He continued: "There is a love there that is sadly very deep and that is so different to the characters we play on screen. The reaction from the audience will be really interesting and I am looking forward to that."

The pair have taken a break from EastEnders to do the play but they will return for Christmas and then again after their six part EastEnders spin off set in Ireland.

Jordan & Ben Rematch? "You need slapping down"

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When the policeman revealed to Denise that Lucas' son Jordan was the person arrested, the past came flooding back to us of Ben Mitchell uttering those four words "you need slapping down"

Jordan left Walford FIVE years ago to live with his aunt after his father killed Denise's ex husband and Jordan's mother.  It makes us think, is that what the mysterious phone call from Libby to Chelsea was about a couple of months back?

We certainly hope Jordan is back and lets hope he has the same head. Just for fun, we have included the clip below.

Breaking Point

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Sharon has tried her best to give Linda the best hen do but with things heavy on her mind, it doesn't look like this Mitchell girl can hold it all together. This picture shows friend Linda take time out of her own party to comfort Sharon.

Sharon is upset because Phil has started drinking again after being sober for five years. Sharon puts on a brave face for the party but Linda sees straight through it and demands to know whats going on.

Under pressure to open up, how much will Sharon reveal about her ongoing family crisis? And how long can she really keep Phil locked up at the Mitchell house?

EastEnders airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One. You can see the PREVIEW here

Hilarious Video Preview Of Linda Carter's Hen Do!

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Friday: Linda's Hen Do by walfordeast
Poor Linda murders a classic!

Why are the media shaming Daniella for making a living?!

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

This really sickens me, in the past few hours there have been stories released in the papers and mags that former EastEnders star Daniella Westbrook is working in a Pie & Mash shop. Daniella has struggled with addictions most of her adult life and has taken part in numerous television interviews explaining this.

One online publication said in their release: 'The star was seen serving customers and even taking the rubbish out to the bins' Are you serious? This is a woman who has gone out to make a living for herself and her family and you want to plaster this online like it's something shameful. It must be a slow day at the office.

Danniella took to Twitter to share the details of her new job with her followers.
"Pie & Mash Monday's. Barking road Plaistow.. I'm off 2 work on set now, but will be here weds, come say hello," she tweeted.

However you look at this, you can't knock this girls determination and she is looking great!

That EastEnders Secret . . .

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EastEnders are doing a great job at keeping these surprise twists coming, the latest was in last night's episode when we learned that Vincent Hubbard works for the police!

The surprise came when Ronnie questioned Vincent and correctly worked it out. It is not yet known if he is an undercover policeman or simply working for the police as an informant.

Fans were left confused on Monday night after Ronnie was arrested by two men who claimed to be police but the atmosphere changed once she was in the car, leaving her wondering who the two men were and what they were going to do.

Thankfully the episode on Tuesday gave us the answers and didn't keep us holding on for months. Ronnie was left in the middle of nowhere, wandering through a field before being picked up by Vincent.

After arriving back on the square, Ronnie demanded answers after a few thing were not adding up.
If you're anything like us, you'll still have a few questions - but don't worry as Thursday's episode will pick up the story when Ronnie demands a full explanation from Vincent. What has he been up to for these past few months, and where do his loyalties lie? We'll find out soon enough...

EastEnders continues on Thursday (November 26) at the later time of 8.30pm on BBC One.

Stacey and Kush Busted?

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

After Stacey and Shabnam make amends, Shabnam opens up and tells her she may be pregnant. The test comes back negative, and Stacey is interrupted by Jean who surprises Stacey with a shopping trip.

When Kush finds out that Shabnam thought she was pregnant, he storms over to Stacey's and argues with Stacey saying she should have told him. The pair are overheard by Carmel who speaks to Stacey but comes to the realisation that the pair have been sleeping together.

Also in this episode: Kathy confronts Phil over the treatment of Ben after he and Abi announce they will be moving out. Sharon arranges a family photoshoot to try and help bring the family back together. Bobby and Jane clash when she asks him to swap room with Kathy to give her more room.

Airs Thursday, Dec 03 2015 at 19:30

Kathy Hears Her Fate In Court - PICTURES

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The entire Beale family (and a Mitchell) are really happy next week when Kathy receives her punishment from the court. Kathy faked her death ten years ago and was arrested for insurance fraud after she handed herself in to police.

It seems the judge went lenient on her following her ordeal with Gavin. Kathy was given a suspended sentence, meaning she will not go to jail as long as she stays out of trouble.

Ian and Ben are extremely happy that they will have their mum back for Christmas. With Christmas fast approaching, Jane decides to build bridges with Kathy and let everything go. Jane realises that Kathy is sticking around so she doesn't really have a choice.

Things obviously wont be fun and games for too long as Bobby has started acting up again and will make life uneasy for the Beale's over Christmas.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, November 30 at 8pm on BBC One.

Bah Humbug Vincent! - PICTURES

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Kim is left upset when Vincent decides to put his foot down over not celebrating Christmas. Kim has taken it upon herself to decorate the inside and outside in festive decor in what can only be described as, Kim's taste.

Vincent asks her to take everything down, Kim gets herself all upset and demands to know why she and daughter Pearl can't celebrate in style. After a heart to heart, Vincent decides the decorations can stay up.

Kim later goes in search for her present from Vincent but is shocked to find something else, more drama for the Hubbard marriage we think.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, December 1, Thursday, December 3 and Friday, December 4 on BBC One.

EastEnders Christmas - First Look!


It's that time of year again and EastEnders have officially started the countdown to Christmas with the festive cast shot.

The picture shows the regular cast members in Albert Square which is decorated for Christmas. As you can see, Jessie and Shane are in the picture as they return briefly over the holidays as Kat and Alfie Moon.

They have returned because some of the family's biggest secrets are due to be exposed, including Alfie's brain tumor, Kat's son and Stacey's key.

There will be fights within the Beale household with Bobby's behaviour coming to a head. There are also huge things happening with the Mitchell's.

Ian has an idea for Walford this Christmas and approaches Mick for financial help. EastEnders airs its festive special on Christmas Day and more gossip, news, pictures and spoilers about what to expect will be revealed right here over the next few weeks.

Shabnam Pregnant?!

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It's that time already, the date of Jade's hearing. Big mouth Mick only let slip that Shabnam had taken Jade without permission leaving Shirley with a huge smug look on her face. Shabnam breaks down but before she can plea to Shirley, Buster steps in and rushes them out the pub.

When Shabnam and Kush later leave court, they have a conversation and come to a decision. After Stacey and Shabs make amends, she drops a bombshell on Stacey that she might be pregnant!

Also in this episode: Ian is annoyed when he learns that the council are refusing to get a Christmas tree for the Square this year. He comes up with a plan - his restaurant can sponsor the tree.
Elsewhere, Claudette and Kim continue to bicker.

Tuesday Preview: "Shacked up with a rapist" - VIDEO

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Danny Meets His Fans

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Danny took time out of the hectic EastEnders schedule to promote his new book and meet his adoring fans. 'Danny Dyer - Life lessons from the east end' is currently number 4 in the Amazon Book Charts and has remained in the top 100 for 30 days. 

He was in Manchester to sign copies of the hardback and to meet fans at WH Smith in the Arndale.
He larked about, posed for selfies and chatted to his supporters about his latest publication, which follows 2011's Straight Up: My Autobiography.

We will be giving away 5 copies of his book this Christmas. Keep a look out!  Where can you meet him next?  Danny will be signing copies of his book at Newham Bookshop on Sunday 29th November at 11.30am. For more details, CLICK HERE

Also, where you lucky enough to meet him already or any other EastEnders actor? We would love to share your pics. Email us at

EastEnders to bring in diverse new characters?

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Claudette Hubbard is mostly known for being the outspoken mother of Vincent and Donna but Ellen Thomas who plays her has said she hopes the characters previous foster children will be introduced as Claudette has been fostering for over 30 years.

Ellen previously said that because Claudette has fostered for over 30 years, that opens up the possibilities to bring in so many diverse characters. When asked if that was still on the cards, Thomas said to Inside Soap: "I hope so. That was one of the ideas they hooked when I came on board."

"It's an opportunity to bring in more people with diverse backgrounds, so I am hoping the producers follow through with it. I would love for all of Claudette's kids to turn up and say, 'Hello mum'."

Ellen also praised EastEnders for their latest storyline with Les and Pam Coker, covering cross dressing within a marriage.

Thomas said: "When I watched Christine's first appearance, I got a bit teary. Even though I had been there and filmed it, when watching I just thought about the people going through the same thing in real life. " I hoped it would really move the audience as well - and from the feedback we have had, it sounds as if people have been really touched by Les's story."

Peggy Mitchell's sister Sal (AKA Aunt Sal) will return at Christmas sparking tension between the pair. There is a past with theses two but not much more has been released regarding their history.

Riley Carter Millington Celebrates Role


Riley Carter Millington celebrated landing his new EastEnders role at the Rainbow List Party last week. The party celebrates the 101 most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in Britain.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins also featured on this year's list for the first time, due to casting the first trans male actor (Millington) in a leading trans role.

Taking to Twitter, Millington and Wallace posted pictures of the celebrations, including one with Boy Meets Girl's Rebecca Root, who also made the list.
Hollyoaks viewers may remember that Root appeared in the show a few months back in a guest role.

 Riley was first seen on the Halloween special of EastEnders where he kept popping up, catching the attention of Stacey Branning. He was also seen clutching a key similar to Stacey's at her halloween bash shortly before she was electrocuted.

Fans have speculated if the keys will in fact open a safety deposit box. But what could be inside? 

Riley Carter Millington will be back around Christmas where more details about THAT key will be answered.

Monday Preview: "Ronnie Mitchell, I'm arresting you!"

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Oh Roxy, what have you done! The one thing Mitchell's are supposed to do is stick together and never rat each other out! Check out this preview for Monday's episode. Ronnie is arrested for the murder of Carl White.

Monday: "Ronnie Mitchell, I'm arresting you!" by walfordeast

Carters Christmas Day

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Wind your memory back 11 months to Christmas day 2014, Mick smashed up the pub after he found out that his brother raped his wife Linda. This year, the family are determined to make 2015 the best Christmas ever. Babe is the first to start off beating last year by buying a live goose!

Speaking on Alan Carr's Chatty Man about what dramas lie ahead for Mick and co this December, Danny Dyer said: "It’s bad to be honest. I can’t really declare it but it’s f*****g horrible yeah. I’ve got away with Christmas Day but New Year's Day is the one where I am getting married and all that stuff. But it goes wrong, badly, but it gets better.

"It’s got a right good ending on New Year's Day. That’s all I can give away - the ending is unbelievable. It’s a right lovely 'doof doof'. For once it is a nice 'doof doof'."
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