Danny Dyer: Don't give me affair plot.


Thursday, 31 December 2015

Danny Dyer has said that he does not want his character Mick Carter to have an affair. He did reveal that something is coming that will "freak some people out".

"From the off, Kellie Bright (Linda) and I agreed that we can't be doing the 'affair' thing," Dyer told the Radio Times.

"We've got some stuff coming up that's going to freak some people out, which is around that sort of thing. That's all I can tell you​."

Some glances from Whitney have suggested that she has feeling for her boyfriends father, especially since she's had trouble within her own relationship with Lee.

But Danny admitted that he wants Mick and Linda to be together for the long term. "We want to be the first on-screen couple that doesn't mess about," he insisted.  "We want to show that there is true love out there and that you can find your soul mate - even in a soap."

Danny did say that in the big episode tomorrow, although it is dramatic, there will actually be a happy doof doof. 

EastEnders continues tomorrow (January 1) on BBC One at 6.30pm and 8pm.

Epic Stunt: Behind the scenes

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With the epic battle airing on New Years Day, here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of the stunt released by the BBC.

Can you guess these 2016 storylines by their cryptic clues?


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

So EastEnders have released some clues as to what 2016 holds in store in Walford. Get your thinking caps on guys, we need all of your participation if we are going to crack this one!

"This angry bull may seem imposing, but is most dangerous whilst dozing. 

"From past mistakes she cannot hide, is her future coming from inside?

"If one should fall from a place on high, should another have to say goodbye?

"The roots are strong with this family, but one stick will fell the entire tree.

"Secrets exposed from distant past, one's buried now but will that last?

"This couple's love is a bumpy ride, will one bump less mean their demise?

"We all assumed their love was stable, but what if she chose Cain, not Abel?"

Anyway, enough of that my head hurts! We know some of you are going to be good at these. Let us know what you think the storyline is.

New Years Day Part I Preview: "Understood?"

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Shirley is worried about attending the wedding until Linda puts her straight in the first visit to EastEnders on New Years Day.

New Years Day Part I Preview - "Understood?" by walfordeast

Mick and Dean's Final Fight in Pictures


It's been 14 long months since we all see Dean Wicks attack his sister-in-law in her own home and he's about to get his comeuppance. After trying to drown his own mother, Dean finds himself trying to fight off his brother in an epic watery battle on New Years Day.

We got an early taste of what's to come on Friday when Mick punched Dean in the face during his stag party in the Vic. Danny recently revealed that he had to have his ears syringed after filming due to the epic scenes that were filmed.

"I did my own stunts," he explained. "We went to Pinewood and we did it properly. I've got to say that in some of the scenes in the water I was fighting for my life in real life, because I couldn't quite find the surface!"

Carter Family Learn That Dean Attacked Roxy

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After Shirley tries to drown Dean, the news spreads to the rest of the family when Roxy reveals what happened to Linda. Shirley feels she can no longer support Dean after she finds out that he actually did rape her daughter-in-law Linda.

Tuesday Video Preview: Shirley forced to face the truth!


Monday, 28 December 2015

Dean explodes and Shirley struggles how to handle the whole situation in this preview for Tuesday's episode.

Tuesday Preview: Shirley is forced to face reality by walfordeast

Alfie Opens Up: "I have a brain tumour"

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Alfie was diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier this year shortly after winning big on a scratchcard. He failed to tell anyone until now.

Alfie recently arrived back in England, chasing Kat back to Walford. It seems he is starting to worry about his health. During Mick's stag do, Phil and Ian have a drink with Alfie and he reveals his secret.

They are even more shocked when Alfie tells them how long it has been since his diagnosis and that he has done nothing about it. Hopefully he will decide to tell his wife but he does decide to head to the hospital for a brain scan after advice from Ian and Phil.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday (December 28) at 8pm on BBC One.

New Pictures: Shirley's in trouble! - (12 IMAGES)


Pictures released show what you have all been waiting 14 months for, Dean getting his comeuppance! These scenes will air on New Years Day as 2016 gets off with a bang. Being the big baby that he is, Dean seeks revenge for being outcast by his family on Christmas Day and decides that Mick and Linda's wedding is the perfect opportunity.

Everyone turns against Dean after he attempts to rape his fiance Roxy Mitchell and his feeling of revenge is now more towards Shirley for trying to drown him in the bath in an upcoming episode.

When Shirley spots Dean at the wedding, she tries to persuade him not to ruin things but he viciously pushes her into the lake, with Mick watching from a distance.

Mick runs to his mums aid but will they all make it out alive?

These scenes will air on New Years Day.

Danny Dyer Hits Back At EastEnders Fan


Did you miss EastEnders over Christmas and Boxing Day? No of course you didn't. One fan was not happy with the festive episodes and slammed EastEnders on Twitter.

But the tweet didn't go unnoticed, after Mr Dyer had a few Boxing Day bevvies, he responded . . 

Well maybe the viewer will become a fan after New Years Day, now that looks epic. He has since tweeted that he is actually a fan of Dyer and would go for a pint with him. "My wife can watch what she wants" he says "I'll just whine about it on twitter"

Ricky Norwood Thanks Fans


After it was confirmed that Fatboy had been killed off in the Boxing Day episode, Ricky Norwood who plays him took to twitter to thank his fans. Ricky was also shocked that 'Fatboy' was a trending hashtag.

The actor played the role of Fatboy for six years, but EastEnders decided to write him out. His final episode aired on Christmas Eve with his character's demise left to our imaginations. EastEnders continues on Monday (December 28) at 8pm on BBC One.​

Is Claudette responsible for Fatboy's death and Vincent's missing Father?


Saturday, 26 December 2015

It seems you are on point again as many of you are suspicious of Claudette surrounding Fatboy's death. It was revealed in tonight's episode that the body of Fatboy was in the boot of the car. Claudette told Vincent that Fatboy wanted to do one last thing before he left by . . . . erm . . . getting ice for the club? Ok Claudette!

Ronnie originally intended for Vincent to be locked inside the boot to teach him a lesson, she never actually meant for anyone to die, especially Fatboy.

Other suspicions are growing over Vincent's missing father. Claudette had told Vincent from a young age that his father was murdered and it was revealed that Eric Mitchell, father of Phil and Grant was apparently responsible.

At the beginning of December, we see tensions between aunt Sal and Claudette with mentions of Peggy. Could there have been an affair back in the day? Did Claudette's husband cheat on her with Peggy or Sal, and did she make him disappear? Now that would be a great story for Peggy to return to wouldn't it?

What do you guys think?

New Years Day Trailer!

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It has been a long time coming and next week will be the build up to the big day. Dean Wicks will be leaving, but will it be in a body bag? Check out the trailer below.

New Years Day Trailer! by walfordeast

Mick Carter Snogs Jack Branning!

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It's Mick's stag do and things turn out a little differently when Jack Branning receives a snog from Mick Carter.

Mick is simply complying with a bet with the guys where he has to snog the next person who walks through the door of the Vic.

Jack Branning has never shared a scene with the Carter's as they had not arrived in Walford when he left. Scott says: "It felt a bit strange because there are new characters who I don't know but that fits with the story. When you go away for a while and come back there's always new people you've got to get to know and that's part of the fun of it. It felt great!"

Talking about returning, he said he knew since January and will only be in a few episodes over Christmas and New Year but he will be back FULL TIME in January!

"One of the things I've learnt while I've been away is that people don't forget about Jack and Ronnie and they're constantly wanting them back together.
"It's a bonus to have that because it means people like what me and Sam do. We enjoy working together and we have a lot of fun, which is so important. I'm looking forward to spending more time with her."

Dean Busted! (17 PICTURES)


These new pictures have been released of Monday's episode where Dean attacks Roxy. Mum Shirley walks in on her son she has been supporting this past year, attacking his new fiance.

After an attack, Roxy tells Dean she is leaving him before he wins her round. He later attacks her where he tries to repeat the night where he attacked Linda.

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