EastEnders Tuesday: Gavin Threatens to tell Vincent the truth - Watch Video

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Monday, 29 February 2016

Tuesday Preview: Gavin threatens to tell... by walfordeast
Gavin tells Claudette that he will tell Vincent the truth about her past.

Why Danny Dyer's Life Changed in February 2016

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Earlier this month Danny Dyer spent three days in Sierra Leone. He has spoke about the 'wave after wave of fucking devastation' and reveals that it has changed the way he views life.

Danny, who plays Mick Carter said: ‘I was shitting myself as I knew it was going to be emotionally challenging, really emotionally challenging.

‘And I’m an emotional person, they were worried about that aspect as well.’

He visited the country to see how the money raised by Sports Relief is used, the affects of malaria and how simple it is to prevent. 

He was utterly shocked to see the town where Ebola wiped out thousands upon thousands of people.
He explained: ‘The sights, the sounds, the smells – not all sweet, it has to be said – rendered me speechless . . . which doesn’t happen all that often.

‘The market we went through was particularly gob-smacking. To say it was bustling would do it a massive disservice, the place made Albert Square look like closing time at the library.’

He then went on to say how embarrassed he felt for not doing more to help.

He added: ‘Coming home from the trip left me in a weird state of mind. My little girl moans that she’s only got ten per cent left on her iPad so she can’t take it to bed, and I just look at her and think, “If only you knew?”.

‘I can’t blame my kids, that’s all they know, and I do really believe it’s the luck of the draw where you’re from. But I was left thinking, “Wow, kid, you really ain’t got a clue what pain is or what irritation is”.

‘Worrying about your iPad or worrying about when you’re gonna eat are two separate things. My attitude has changed to some of the stuff that is allowed to be moaned about in my house.’

You can read his full piece here courtesy of The Sun.

Grant Mitchell Catch Up

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Grant Mitchell arrived in Walford with his brother Phil 26 years ago. Grant was a paratrooper and after he left the British Army, he and his brother decided to buy The Arches.

Grant started dating the local barmaid Sharon Watts. It wasn't long before you could see he was possessive and controlling. He put The Queen Vic landlord Eddie Royle, in hospital for flirting with Sharon. He was then a suspect in Eddie's murder.

Sharon always see a different side to Grant, the sweet natured side, much like she does with Phil. To show his love, Grant buys her childhood home, The Queen Victoria. The pair go on to get married. They really were the power couple long before the Moons and the Carters.

Things turned sour for the couple and they would fight constantly. Sometimes, over the silliest things, other times over Grant being desperate for a child of his own.

When things got financially tight for the couple, Grant came up with a plan to set fire to the pub for the insurance money. Sharon and her dog Roly nearly die in the fire.

When Sharon arrives back at the Vic, she tries to take control of the business, Grant reacts violently and attacks Sharon and her best friend Michelle. He is arrested and sent to prison. While in prison, Sharon gets a little closer to his married brother Phil.

Grant attacks his brother, putting him in hospital and forces Sharon to leave the UK. She later returns to humiliate him in front of his family and friends, leaving him heartbroken before she moved back to America.

After Sharon leaves Walford, Her best friend Michelle Fowler and Grant spend the night together. Michell later fell pregnant with Grant's baby, she decided to leave Walford, also moving to the States.

Grant marries Tiffany, the best friend of Bianca Jackson. The pair have a baby together and get married. The relationship struggles under the cloud that is Grant's paranoia and control. Tiffany leaves Grant and flees to Spain when she discovers that he has been having an affair with her own mother!

Grant tracks Tiffany down and takes their daughter Courtney back to Walford with him. Tiffany hatches a plan to get Courtney back, in her escape she is hit by a car and dies on the pavement outside the Queen Vic.

Fast forward to 2005, Grant is back to help sister Sam after she gets arrested for the murder of Den Watts.

Grant manages to put his differences with both Phil and Sharon behind him, forgiving Sharon when she confesses that she aborted his child. Grant and Phil manage to persuade Sharon, Den's daughter, that Chrissie (Den's second wife) is the real killer.

He finds CCTV evidence of Chrissie admitting she is the murderer to gangster Johnny Allen. Johnny has a grudge against the Mitchell brothers because of their mother Peggy Mitchell and uses the tape as bait to try to kill them. The brothers eventually beat Johnny at his nightclub office in order to get the tape, Sam is released from prison and Chrissie is imprisoned. Following this, Grant returns to Rio.

He returns with his daughter Courtney Mitchell, citing family and financial problems back in Brazil. Phil tricks Grant to help him in his quest for revenge against Johnny, who killed Sharon's second husband Dennis Rickman.

Amidst arguing amongst the Mitchell brothers, Johnny, armed with a shotgun, captures them and orders his henchman Danny Moon to take them to a forest and kill them. They are rescued by Danny's brother Jake Moon, who shoots his brother dead at the last second - saving Phil and Grant. Jake secretly buries his brother in the woods and Johnny turns himself into the police.

Grant flirts with Jane Collins, Ian Beale's girlfriend; he seduces her after getting a job working for Jake at the newly reopened Scarlet nightclub. Their affair ends when Phil catches them together and Grant then has a one-night stand with 19-year-old Chelsea Fox.

Before Grant leaves for Portugal, he dumps his wife in a rubbish bin, ending their marriage.

Grant Mitchell arrives back on our screens in the spring when he returns after the news of his mothers illness. He will later be joined by his sister Samantha when they bid an emotional farewell to the original Queen of the Vic Peggy. It is not known if EastEnders plan to cast the role of his daughter Courtney.

What was your favourite Grant moment?

EastEnders - Honest Review: Thursday 25th February Part 1


Sunday, 28 February 2016

We were treated to a double dose of episodes on Thursday because of rugby on Friday night. We're not against sport at all but surely one or the other could have been pushed to BBC Two? Anyways, lets crack on.

The first of Thursday's episodes opened with a sulking Abi, she had just learned that her boyfriend Ben may have caught an STD from a one night stand. Most of us would be livid but she is angry for all the wrong reasons. She is only upset because her plan to fall pregnant is ruined!

The thought of sitting through an episode where we don't see a sour faced Abi sounds perfect right about now. Lets hope the character has a major overhaul pretty soon.

Every actor involved in the mental health storyline have been acting their butts off and it shows, fantastic portrayal by all. That does include this lady but something is not sitting right for me. I might be completely wrong but she seems to have a creepy edge to her character. Who knows, more may evolve from her but something just doesn't feel right. Is it just me? Let me know below please.

Just over 3 minutes in and Abi's sour face is back. I understand that her mother is not in her life, her dad is banged up on murder charges, her sister who gets all the attention is on the other side of the planet but smile Abi, you live in Walford. What's the worst that can happen?

Some of you don't like Claudette, why? She is brilliant! If looks could kill, Walford would have a population of three. The banter between her and Kim is hilarious, don't even get me started on the bouncy castle episode!

Claudette's in a mood because Gavin knows her dirty little secret. We all know that she batters him next week but we're sure she has a loving side to her . . . somewhere, give it a minute.

Oh we all love it when Mick appears on our screen. He's asking Whitney to help out in the pub kitchen but is completely unaware that his sweet aunt Babe is being a right old witch. Being the head of the family, we can expect Mick to be the one to oust Babe from the family. It will happen soon, I can feel it in me waters!

I can't seem to wonder what's next for Kush. I hope 'Enders have something up their sleeve because it seems, after the baby reveal, Kush may become a spare part. Maybe just have him in the back of shot shirtless? Just an idea, that's certainly worth the license fee alone. He hears that Martin has done a bunk to America, so his first thought is to go and see Stacey. She didn't thank him for it!

You gotta love Whitney when she bites back. Babe is grinding on me as much as she is you, but the dynamic between the pair is great viewing and in true EastEnders style, she will have have her day. It was only a couple of months ago when Babe was nearly disowned by her entire family. She feels everything is going her way, I mean did you see how happy she was to wipe Whitney's name off that menu board!  That won't last long.

So Ian sold the restaurant, you know, the place that has barely been on our screens since Lucy died. He has sold the property to a company called CostMart. After a great day of takings, Jane's plan to change his mind failed. Does this mean a new set and new characters? Ooooh we hope so.

Did you try and block this cringe inducing scene from your mind too? Abi's snide remarks make you believe she is utterly jealous that her ex has actually found someone nice. When asked if she wanted to go on holiday with them, she snootily turned her nose up before being made to feel uncomfortable by all the romance in the room. You could have that with someone too Abi, just not Ben.

Confirmed! - Danniella Westbrook WILL be returning to EastEnders

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Finally, we get the answer many of you have been asking, Danniella Westbrook WILL return to EastEnders and reprise the role of Samantha Mitchell.

The Big Brother finalist spoke about the excitement of having all three of Peggy Mitchell's children on screen to say their goodbye's.

"I'm really excited to be going back to ­EastEnders," the actress told Talk TV  Daily Mirror,
"It feels right the Mitchells are all back for Peggy's funeral, and I can't wait to work alongside everyone again. "

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: "It is only right that all of Peggy Mitchell's children would be at her funeral.

"Danniella is the final piece of the Mitchell jigsaw puzzle, so it will be great for viewers to see Phil, Grant and Sam all back on screen.

"Sam will only be back for a few episodes, but these scenes are bound to go down in the soap's history."

The beloved Barbara Windsor appeared on screen earlier this year as Peggy Mitchell to reveal to her son Phil that she has terminal cancer. It will mean so much to the character to have all of her children by her side when she breathes her last breath.

The scenes are due to air in the spring.

Claudette Attacks Gavin! - Pictures


After blackmailing her, Gavin receives a blow from Claudette using one of Kim's favourite candle stick holders! After all attempts to find the money he demands, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Just when she thinks the situation is under control, Gavin arrives at the house demanding more cash. Gavin pushes Claudette to the limits and she snaps. This is showing the real side of Claudette Hubbard.

EastEnders will air these scenes on Monday, March 7 at 8pm on BBC One.

Patrick Discovers Denise's Plan


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Most of you will be team Patrick when he finds out about Denise's plan to help her ex Lucas. I mean, as everyone keeps reminding her, he killed Jordan's mother and Libby's father. He also kidnapped her and held her in the basement. Her entire family then held a funeral for her!

Denise will take Jordan to see his father in prison but lies to her family about where she is going. It's not long before Lucas gets his claws into both her and his son, Jordan then asks Denise to help his father get into a work scheme.  He explains that Denise is his only chance.

After a talk with Jordan, Denise decides to set up a meeting with the prison governor. With Kim and Patrick completely against Denise having anything to do with her murderous ex, she decides to keep it secret.

When Patrick speaks to Kathy and Shirley, he discovers the truth about Denise's whereabouts. When Denise and Jordan are about to leave to meet with the prison governor, Patrick stops them in their tracks and demands answers.

Are you team Patrick or team Denise? Comment below!

All Next Week on EastEnders - Pictures and Info

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It looks like Lee has made his mind up when Whitney turns up with all of her belongings at Sonia's front door. Completely unaware that Abi has just slept with Lee, Whitney seeks a shoulder to cry on and tells her that she plans to leave.

Abi heads over to the Vic to tell Lee that Whitney is leaving Walford. In a panic, he rushes over to apologise and asks her not to leave. After a long talk, the pair decide to give it another go.

When the pair announce to the family that they are giving their relationship another go, Nancy is not happy. She and Whitney sit down to talk things over. When Nancy makes her realise that she is rushing back into things. Whitney tries to talk to Lee but before she can have it out, Lee proposes.

Ronnie is in for a shock next week when Jack returns to Walford with the help of Honey. Ronnie is happy to see him, until she realises that he's only there because Honey made him, then things turn a little sour.

Jack leaves looking for the nearest taxi and Honey tells her to stop being so stubborn, that this could be her chance of happiness. She races after him to explain how she really feels.

EastEnders, Monday Preview: "My results are in" - Watch Video

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Ben gets the all important results from the clinic in Monday's visit to EastEnders.

Monday "My results are in" by walfordeast

Shock Death Coming to Walford?

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Is March going to be the month we lose another character? EastEnders has always had a very high death rate, and we have heard through the grapevine that another character will breathe their last.

The blackmail story between Claudette and Gavin is set to become 'vicious'. It has not been revealed what information Gavin is holding over Claudette or who will die but if the fan predictions are anything to go by, then Claudette bumped off her husband leaving the Mitchell clan to take the blame.

Could EastEnders have brought back Gavin just to kill him off? Of course! With the police after him and none of his family wanting anything to do with him, it would fall into place nicely.

Producers are obviously keeping very tight-lipped about the outcome but they have hinted that not all make it out alive. A show insider told the RadioTimes.com: "Things take a sinister turn, changing the Hubbard family forever."

Will anyone die this Mother's Day? 

EastEnders is under fire AGAIN!


Thursday, 25 February 2016

During the episode of Pearls 1st birthday party this week, Kim made a little joke about kids getting diabetes after eating too much party food.

The scene see her and mother-in-law clash. When Claudette expressed concerns about the amount of junk food on offer, a defiant Kim insisted: "If the kids don't give themselves diabetes, it's not a good party, is it?"

Some viewers expressed their disappointment on social media, with some actually contacting Diabetes UK who confirmed that EastEnders will be speaking to their research team.

An EastEnders spokesperson said:  "As regular EastEnders viewers know, Kim has long been established as a facetious character who usually gets more things wrong than right.

"EastEnders has a rich history of covering important issues such as diabetes and has addressed the realities of living with the condition through the character Paul Coker, whose condition will be featured more in the future."

Here are what a few viewers thought

What do you think, did EastEnders take it too far?

Epic Mother's Day Trailer Released! - WATCH

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Normally, Mother's Day in soapland goes unnoticed. Not in Walford, EastEnders have released their new trailer.

Mother's Day in Walford by walfordeast

Ben Will Finally Confess All

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Tonight's double dose of episodes (due to rugby on Friday) will see Ben Mitchell confess all to girlfriend Abi Branning.

Abi has been pretending to be pregnant this past week, she was horrified to learn of Ben's STD, which meant she was unable to fall pregnant before he figured it all out. Ben decides that it's time to spill the beans about him and Paul.

In the second of tonight's episodes, Babe asks for Abi's help for Paul's birthday party. It seems Abi has more up her sleeve than handing out a few sausage rolls.

Ben has been living a lie this past year while secretly having an affair with Paul, the grandson of the local undertaker. Ben had initially come out to his father but decided to focus on a sham relationship with Abi when his father disapproved.

Mothers Day Hell As All Hell Breaks Loose! - All the information

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You are in for a treat over March when Mother's Day Hubbard Hell is promised by EastEnders. We have been told that lives will be left on the line within the Fox & Hubbard families in what have been called unmissable episodes.

As we see in Tuesday nights episode, Claudette is being blackmailed by Gavin Sullivan, someone who knows her dirty little secret. Many fans have speculated that Claudette was the person responsible for the death of her husband. Does Gavin know the truth?

Things are about to turn nasty and it looks like Vincent will get caught in the middle. A show spokesperson said: "As shocking truths come to light, all hell breaks loose - changing the Hubbard family forever. Will all come out alive?"

Denise will also get caught up in some trouble when her step-son will start causing more trouble. She tries her hardest to stop him from going through with something extremely dangerous.

EastEnders fans can see all the drama unfold in the week commencing Monday, March 7 on BBC One.

Walford Mosque to be built in new set

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The new £15million EastEnders set is going to have a mosque. It will be located on the strret leading up to Albert Square. We explained last year that the set it to be built to make Walford bigger. It could introduce a high street which will lead to more characters and businesses.

BBC bosses are currently in talks about the mosque, saying it will be "prominent place of worship" for the shows Muslim characters.

A source told the paper: "The new set will be as authentic as East London today, so we will be including a mosque."

A spokesperson for the show revealed: “The new locations for the exterior set build are still to be decided. However, as announced previously, the new set will better reflect the East End of London on screen as well as increase the potential for storylines.”

It's getting a little exciting! 

Jack Gives Ronnie Another Chance! - Pictures & Info

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It's the moment many of you have been waiting for, Ronnie and Jack are to be a couple again! Jack returns after some persuasion from Honey to surprise her housemate. When Ronnie fails to be true to how she really feels, Jack storms off looking for the nearest taxi.

After a chat with Sharon, Ronnie decides to speak to Jack and tell him how she really feels. However, Phil soon pipes up saying the relationship will be a disaster like it was years ago.

After Phil's outburst, Jack tells Ronnie that this is her final chance. He explains that his train home is in two hours and if she doesn't decide then that's it.

Ronnie realises that this is her chance to finally be happy with a man she truly loves. 

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 3 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Thursday Preview Part One: "Girl or boy?"

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Abi wants some answers from Ben about his one night stand.

Thursday Preview: Part 1 by walfordeast

Claudette's Mothers Day Meeting with Blackmailer - Pics & Info

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Claudette is to be blackmailed by someone in a storyline that kicks off next week. She will become desperate for money when a mystery person leaves her no choice but to try and con her own son.

Vincent has already said he will build his mum a flat to live in, instead she suggests he gives her the money to rent one, but he refuses.

When Donna reveals to the family that she wants a baby, Claudette is soon to disapprove. As soon as she realises this could be a way of getting her hands on some cash, she decides to help. It's not long before Vincent realises what she's up to.

Claudette agrees to meet the blackmailer after an argument with Vincent. They decide to meet on Mothers Day.

EastEnders will air these scenes on Tuesday, March 1, Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4 on BBC One.

Lee Shocks Whitney With Proposal - Pictures & Info

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After a massive row with his girlfriend, Lee will ask Whitney to marry him. Things become rocky for the couple after she confesses to kissing his dad, Mick.

Lee tells Whitney that he never wants to see her again, he feels devastated and betrayed. It's not long before he relaises that he doesn't want to lose her.

After Abi tells him that Whitney is planning on leaving Walford, Lee rushes over to Sonia's where she is staying. He tells her that he made a mistake.

Lee tells her that he's sorry for what he said, that he needs time to sort his head out. This is when Lee comes out with his own confession. Whitney and Lee have a chat and decide to give things another go.

After telling the family of the new development, Whitney starts to feel that she is making a mistake after a chat with Nancy.


Whitney is wanting to follow the advice given to her by Nancy but is shocked when Lee proposes. She accepts the proposal and decides to put those earlier doubts to the back of her mind.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, February 29 at 8pm and Tuesday, March 1 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

It's Decision Time - Pictures & Info


Nancy decides to take a step back from her family next week when she quits her job and moves out of the Vic.

Nancy has had a hard couple of weeks with work and her personal life, and the news that Lee and Whitney are engaged intensify the problem, making her decision easier.

Linda and Nancy clash when she refuses to be happy for her brother and Linda gets excited about planning the wedding. Nancy talks to Donna, explaining that there are more deep rooted problems her anger.

Despite not liking Whitney, Nancy returns home with a new outlook and promises that she will make more of an effort.

Nancy is soon in for a shock when the family decide to go and support Lee on his first shift at The Rat. This leads him to make a shocking confession, which leads to Nancy moving out of the family home.

Nancy moves in with Donna, Mick tries to sort the family out but Nancy tells both her parents that they need to stop Mollycoddling their son.

When she refuses to go home, Nancy realises that she needs to break all ties with her family. She informs them that she is quitting the family business.

Trying to prove to her family that she can make it on her own, Nancy gets a job on the market where she will no doubt see a lot more of Tamwar.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday March 1, Thursday March 2 and Friday March 3 on BBC One.

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