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Thursday, 31 March 2016

With more drama ahead, Johnny Carter will make his return from Italy. Johnny will arrive shortly after the departure of his sister Nancy. The Carters will still be turmoil after baby Ollie continues to show signs of brain damage

Someone will put Ronnie Mitchell in danger, this started after she and Jack reunite. Her stalker even goes as far as trying to arrange her funeral. We have learned that there will be plenty of twists and turns ahead, including the return of her mother Glenda.

We revealed in January that Jay Mitchell will finally get a huge storyline of his very own. New girlfriend Linzi has been named as a big character in the storyline. Could she be hiding a dark secret? The story will kick off within the next couple of weeks.

The big Mitchell reunion is just around the corner. Peggy Mitchell will return to Walford to die. Her son Grant will return also followed by Samantha Mitchell. Barbara has been working hard on this storyline since last summer, she is so passionate for Peggy to have an epic finale, get your Kleenex's ready!

With Phil trying to rekindle his relationship with Kathy, Ben will also have problems around the corner when Abi's secret is exposed. Hopefully Ben and Paul will finally get together. We have heard that the lie could be enough to tip him over the edge.

Kathy is left confused with her feelings for ex-husband Phil and it seems Gavin is about to make another surprise visit.

Claudette will be back to seek revenge on her son Vincent and Patrick Trueman. She promised to Pearl that she would be back soon so we don’t think that Vincent, Kim, Donna and Patrick should relax any time soon.

Look who's about to release a single

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Many of you have been urging Shona to release her own music after appearing numerous times, showing a rather impressive voice.

Shona who plays Whitney Dean has been writing and recording with Swedish singer Axel Jansson and is due to release her first single this summer.

A source told The Sun: “This is a big deal for Shona.

“Despite becoming one of the most popular stars in EastEnders, she has always longed to be known for her music too.

“It’s scary showing the public another side of her, and she knows there’ll be a lot of pressure.

“But Axel has really inspired her to try. She loves the music they’ve been making together and is now ready for everyone to hear it.

Never heard Shona sing before? Check out some examples below:

Do YOU want to be in EastEnders spin-off?


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

If you are in Ireland and want to be in the EastEnders spin-off with Kat & Alfie Moon, here's your chance. The series called Redwater, due to air in October, are holding auditions for men, women and children.

The first audition is held Friday (April 1) between 4pm and 8pm at the Sailing Club in Dunmore East, while The Quay in Waterford holds separate try-outs on Saturday (April 2) from 12pm to 7pm.

The director spoke to Irish television RTE: "To have something like this come across our doorway is fantastic for us, and so exciting for Waterford and the surrounding areas.

"I know some of the filming is going to be done in Dunmore East too. We are just delighted to be part of it - it's fantastic."

The series will follow Kat go in search for the son she never knew she had. 

Abi to be blackmailed - Full Story & Pictures (x 11)

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When Louise Mitchell uncovers the truth about Abi's pregnancy, she decides to gain as much as she can from it. Louise doesn't have any loyalty to Ben since he abused her as a child.

Louise watches the entire Mitchell/Beale families rally around Abi following her fake miscarriage. It was revealed that Babe will now turn against Abi and she writes a letter to Ben, it explains the truth about her deception. 

Babe later apologises to Abi and tells her what she's done. She races to get to the letter before Ben, but before she can get her hands on it, in walks Louise with the evidence in her hands, she knows everything.

But before she hands the letter back to Abi, she has a couple of favours she wants done first. Abi and Babe are left raging but will Abi be able to get herself out of this mess?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, April 7 at 7.30pm and Friday, April 8 at 8pm on BBC One.

Thursday Preview: "Nothing, there's nothing!" - VIDEO

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Linda talks to Sharon about how Ollie's behaviour has changed. This episode will air Thursday 31st March BBC One.

Thursday Preview "nothing, there's nothing!" by walfordeast

Phil: "I want you back, Kathy"

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Phil Mitchell is having one hell of a week at the moment, this will continue when he makes advances on ex-wife Kathy Beale. He realises he has alienated himself from his family, so he decides to try and win over the one person who has experienced his bad side all too well.

Phil continues to ignore his medical condition and refuses to attend his support meetings. After destroying both of his businesses and having his own son try and kill him, Ben is shocked that his father is still refusing the help.

Ian starts to worry when he thinks his mother is falling for Phil again. He has a word with Phil, telling him to keep away from her. Phil ignores his warning and tries to kiss Kathy in the Vic.

Her marriage to Phil in the past was a physically and mentally abusive, will she learn from her mistakes?

Planning Ronnie's Funeral? - Contains Spoilers


It seems Ronnie's stalker will up the ante next week by putting her in danger. Someone has been watching her for weeks, even leaving a funeral wreath on her gate.

Les Coker is left confused when he receives an email, it says that Ronnie Mitchell is dead and that he should plan the funeral.

Les tells Ronnie about the email but she laughs it off as a prank but Jack is worried, he asks Billy to show him the email which leaves him scared for Ronnie's safety.

Jack speaks to Sharon about the last few years, he wants to build a picture of Ronnie's life in his absence. Sharon is forced to tell him everything, including the murder of Carl White.

Jack is left shocked when he confronts Ronnie about the murder. It's not long until the stalker problem gets worse.

He goes in search of the mystery person and is left horrified by what he finds out. It could be too late when Ronnie finds herself in a life or death situation, will Jack rescue her in time?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, April 7 at 7.30pm and Friday, April 8 at 8pm on BBC One.

First Look: Phil destroys the car lot! - Pictures & Spoilers

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Admit it, you have been waiting for this. Phil will finally flip out and destroy his own businesses after his family try and take ownership of them. A digger is sat outside Vincent's house and after plowing a car through the Arches and playground, Phil turns his attention to the car lot.

He is completely unaware that someone is inside. Could it be Jay and his girlfriend?

The residents of Albert Square are left horrified as the builders try to gain control of the machine. We released pictures last week of Phil slumped on the floor of the Minute Mart. He is being consoled by his son Ben.

EastEnders airs these scenes tonight (March 29) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Tuesday Preview: "Get off him!" - Watch Video


Monday, 28 March 2016

With Ben thinking his father is the one who caused Abi's pretend miscarriage, he resorts to suffocation in Tuesday's visit to Walford.

Tuesday Preview: "Get off him!" by walfordeast

Danniella wants full-time return - Watch Video

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Speaking to the Loose Women on ITV last week, Danniella Westbrook has made a u-turn on her previous comment about returning to Walford. During her time on Big Brother, she explained that she would like to go back to 'Enders, but would prefer a soap like Emmerdale.

Danniella has now expressed her wish for the new EastEnders boss to take her on full-time. Check out the interview below:

Abi and Babe make an enemy of Louise Mitchell, and Louise knows the truth! - Pictures & Spoilers

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Louise Mitchell returns to Walford next week, she has been stealing and Abi knows all about it. Phil's credit card statement is showing a lot of expenses, Ben is completely baffled. That is until Abi exposes Louise.

With Babe getting involved, Abi orders Louise to return all the items she has purchased so Phil can get his money back.

Abi is her usual smug self when Louise does as she asks, but her smile will be wiped off her face (thank goodness) when she falls out with Babe. Abi is shocked when she finds out that Babe has written a letter to Ben confessing all about the pregnancy.

Abi thinks she can get to the letter before Ben, but Louise turns up. She has read the letter and knows everything!

EastEnders, The history of: The Dagmar

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Before the building became The Albert that we all know today, the building has had a long history. Originally owned by Gladstones Brewery, James Willmott-Brown took over in 1987. Walford had it's very own swanky wine bar.

The bar would meet an early death when it was burned to the ground following the rape of Kathy Beale on the premises.

Furniture bargains would follow with Ian Beale as the owner, it only lasted a year before being closed down by environmental health.

Ian would re-open as The Meal Machine, his first ever catering business. The business would close and re-open numerous times.

The one many people will remember is, Beale's Market. A bric-a-brac store. Employees included Mel Healey, Louise Raymond, Jamie Mitchell and Jeff Healey. Following Ian's bankruptcy in 2000, the store would close.

The undercover policewoman who went so undercover, she married the man she was spying on. Phil Mitchell later got Kate this property as a gift, she would call it Sophisti-Kate's, the salon had sustained fire damage and was later closed when Kate re-joined the police and left the Square in 2005.  

Booty was pretty successful when  you think about it, Tanya Branning's salon lasted THREE solid years. Another gift from a husband, she ran the salon until December 2009 when the salon was repossessed and sold on.

The property was sold on to Roxy Mitchell who would have the salon a year before Tanya Branning returned and purchased it back.

Sadie Young would buy it next and would run it as a salon. She hired Lola and Poppy but the business Sharon Rickman & Phil Mitchell who then converted it to The Albert.

An there you have it, it is now The Albert. How long will it last? We have no idea, but hopefully there is more drama to come from this building which has a rather colourful past.

Dani Dyer to join EastEnders?

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UPDATE: Danny Dyer has revealed the story written in today's Newspapers, in his words is "Total Bollocks" but he would "love" to work with Dani on the soap.

Danny Dyer is hoping to soon work alongside his daughter Dani. The 19 year-old is already a budding actress and has a total of seven movies under her belt.

a source told The Sun. ‘He has been putting the odd word in with the producers and has even brought her down to the set once or twice.’

 The pair have already acted together in movie Vendetta. Danny has expressed that she must keep it clean in movies, she previously told the Mirror: ‘My dad was relieved when there weren’t any sex scenes in this film.

It wouldn't be the first time siblings have acted together in EastEnders. Lacey Turner's little sister Lily Harvey joined for a few months and Joe Swash acted alongside his sister Shana, who played his on-screen sister Demi.

EastEnders Monday: "I've lost the baby Ben" - VIDEO

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The horrible moment Abi pretends to have lost the baby she was never pregnant with.

Monday Preview by walfordeast

EastEnders Friday: Phil Loses Janet! - Watch Video

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Preoccupied by drink, Phil loses Janet in tonight's visit to Walford.

Friday: Phil loses Janet! by walfordeast

Fresh Start - Pictures & Spoilers

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Martin and Stacey get official with their engagement tonight, Martin even buys her an engagement ring. Stacey surprised Martin with a proposal after her day release from hospital.

Stacey returns to Walford again tonight for another day visit. In heartwarming scenes, Martin will present her with the ring.

The pair are so happy to be starting the rest of their lives together. With Kush stepping up to be a father to Arthur, can they truly be happy? Well it's Walford and crazier things have happened!

EastEnders airs these scenes tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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