Cancer Scare in EastEnders - Spoilers & Pictures

Is this EastEnders character about to be given devastating news?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

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Sonia has gone through the past two years with the thought that she may well get breast cancer. Sonia had the test done when her mother Carol was battling the disease.

In emotional scenes, Sonia is petrified when she finds a lump on her breast. Knowing that she is a carrier of the BRCA2​ gene, she has every reason to worry.

If that wasn't enough to stress her out, she now hears the unpleasant news that Tina cheated on her.

When Soph confesses all, it really is the last thing on her mind. She decides to confide in her daughter Bex that she has found a lump.

Her joint birthday with Tina arrives, although she has made amends with Tina, everything is still weighing heavy on her mind. Sonia is nervous about seeing the doctor, after she goes to her appointment, she is even more worried when the doctor decides to refer her to a specialist.

Sonia tries to hold everything together but falls apart in Dots arms. Later, when Sonia thinks the lump has gone, she is relieved but her family urge her to go and see the specialist.

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday May 2, Tuesday May 3 and Wednesday May 4 on BBC One.

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  1. Maybe this will get 'Sonia' out of the series with a bit of luck.

  2. She is suppose to leave next few months


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