EastEnders Fans Baffled?!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

/ by WalfordEast

Fans have been left baffled about one of the soaps biggest storylines this year. Peggy Mitchell died on screen over a month ago, apparently you are all wondering where the funeral is?

It wasn't until Thursday night's episode showed the Mitchell family planning Peggy's funeral, that fans started asking questions.

So, here's what we think: When it comes to pretty much all suicides, a Coroner's postmortem examination is carried out. It is this persons job to make sure that there was no foul play involved.

In many cases, this can be in as little as a day. If someone has died unnaturally, the coroner may wish to hold an inquest before a death certificate is granted.  Yes 5/6 weeks seems a little long, but it is soap land and for all we know, it may all be explained before Peggy's big send off.
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  1. its 3 days here in ireland to have a funeral

  2. Between 2 weeks and a more than in uk


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