EastEnders Star On Mick And Belinda Affair

"It would be great if all the other Slater girls came back"

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

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Carli Norris who plays Belinda Peacock, denied rumours that Belinda and Mick would have an affair. Gossip is rife on social media after Kellie Bright, who plays Linda Carter, revealed that she is pregnant and taking time out from the show.

She told  Inside Soap: "I don't think she would ever manage to tempt him away from Linda. Mick and Linda are so besotted with each other, they're the ideal couple. 

"And I think that's probably why Belinda likes him, actually, because she never had that with her husband Neville and it's all she's ever wanted.

"So hopefully there will be another man to come along and charm her, just as much as Mick charms everybody. I worked with Danny on a film called Run For Your Wife years ago, and we hit it off. He's a good friend so I'm lucky to be working with him - and everybody here, actually."

Talking about a Slater family reunion, she explained: "I was still in Holby City when my agent said EastEnders would like me to read for the part of Kat's sister. I thought there was no way I'd get it, but I did and I've been here for a while now.

"It would be great if all the other Slater girls came back too - I'd love them on the Square again."

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  1. For once cant someone stay faithful


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