Is Dot About To Turn Detective?

EastEnders Dot To Turn Detective?

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

/ by WalfordEast

There has been tons of possible outcomes for Fatboy, one of which is that he actually is dead. To be fair, none of us want to hear that, especially when the actor himself keeps throwing us huge hints at a possible return!

Speaking to Inside Soap, he has only dropped another one.


He said: "There are still petitions going on! I get told, 'We want Fats back', on a daily basis, whether it's a message on Twitter or somebody I meet in the street. To have had that impact on the nation, with a character who was supposed to be on EastEnders for three months, was amazing."

When asked about Dot on Arthur's death: "It might be a bit too much for her if she ever found out the truth, Dot saw Fats as pure and almost incorruptible, which is why she didn't want him messing about in too many dodgy things.

"His death would really hurt her, but storyline-wise it might be fun if she went on a secret rampage for Fats, messing up Vincent in one way or another."

Well we sure hope so, what a lovely Christmas that would be for Mrs B!

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