Tuesday Trailer: Tina rides into trouble!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tina seems to ride into trouble in this trailer for tonight's episode. Airing 28th February on BBC One.

EastEnders Bex to be arrested in shocking twist?


We are extremely happy that EastEnders have decided to tackle a "revenge porn" storyline, but what makes this even more shocking is that Shakil is under eighteen, Bex could actually be facing charges of distributing indecent images of a minor!

Recently viewers witnessed Louise Mitchell and her pals, sending the nude picture of Shakil, to everyone in their address books.

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After it was revealed that Bex had slept with Preston, Shakil tried to put on a brave face but his friend Keegan, decided to plot revenge on the school girl.

After Keegan's plan is set in motion, Martin arrives at the school wanting to get to the bottom of everything that is happening in his daughters life.

Louise's friends Madison and Alexandra, warn Bex not to mention their names after realising how serious the situation is. Martin is called back to the school, this time he is told something that shatters his world, something that he had not even considered.

Later, Martin ignores Bex and this leaves her devastated, Shakil is shocked at what's happening and ends up fighting with Keegan.

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

Monday Trailer: "They've issued a warrant for her arrest"

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Monday, 27 February 2017

It sounds like Mick has finally had some good news in tonight's episode.

This episode airs tonight 8pm on BBC One

Where Did EastEnders Come From?

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Way back in 1983, BBC executive David Reid, had the idea of a night time soap opera to air on BBC One. They enlisted the honor of creating the soap to Tony Holland, and Julia Smith.

The pair sat down and created 24 characters, based on Tony's own family and people they both remembered from their private lives.

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They wanted it to be an East End drama and Granada Television gave the unrestricted access to the Coronation Street production to get an idea in how to structure the soap.

Elstree Studios had an empty lot which was available, the planning started and the set was built!

Everything on the set was made to last just six months, most of which still stands today, an impressive 32 years later.

After seeking out the actors, the characters were finally real. The iconic theme tune was produced and the soap which was then called East 8, was in production. The pair soon disliked the name and when Julia explained that the soap was about real East Enders, the show was born, althought Julia did not like the way Eastenders looked writted down, hence two capital letters in the name, she thought it looked more sophisticated.

EastEnders first aired on 19th February 1985 with two episodes a week, this increased to three episodes a week in 1992 and then four times a week in 2001.

There you have it, a little look back into the creation of one of Britain's most iconic soaps.

Adam Speaks Out About Danny Feud


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Since it was announced that Danny Dyer, who plays Mick Carter would be taking a break from filming, the media across the country has been spilling stories, many of which have been denied by soap bosses, or the stars themselves.

Last week newspapers reported that Danny had a feud with Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell. The story was fiercely denied by the bosses of the soap. Other stars also came out in support if Danny, saying he is a pleasure to work with.

This time it's Adam Woodyatt's turn. A newspaper is reporting that Danny told them: “Adam played one role. No disrespect to Adam, but that’s not an actor. He’s very, very efficient, but he’s auditioned once in his whole career.”

In a fortunate turn of events, Adam has come to Danny's defense,  saying the whole thing is "pony". He said about the feud: "This is news to me considering Danny and I had a great chat before he went on his break," He added: "As Danny would say, it's pony."

An EastEnders spokesperson told Digital Spy recently: "absolutely no truth" to the allegations, adding: "Danny is always a consummate professional. Danny has never walked off set, nor has he ever lost his temper or been rude to anyone at work.

"Danny is an extremely popular member of cast and respected by everyone on the show.".

So there you have it, Danny is simply taking some time out. He will be back filming before you know it.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

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Has Denise Changed Her Mind About Adoption?

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These past few weeks have been extremely emotional for Denise, giving up her son for adoption was something she thought was best for her and the baby, but has Denise changed her mind?

With her sister getting into her ear again, Denise seems to have second thoughts when the time comes to sign away her parental rights, allowing her son to be adopted.

With these new pictures from EastEnders, showing Denise battling with her thoughts, will she sign the papers or will recent events cause her to change her mind?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday 2nd March at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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Kim Figured Out Denise's Secret?

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Patrick, Shirley, Phil and Sharon are the only people who know Denise's baby secret, but it seems Kim, is extremely close to finding out.

Denise has done a great job keeping the father's identity a secret, especially from her sister Kim.

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As Denise receives the papers to finally give away her rights to her son, Kim tries her hardest to change her sisters mind.

When Shirley and Carmel arrive, they decide to get the wine out. With Kim getting increasingly drunk, it's not long before she realises that Shirley knows who the father is.

After another bust up with her sister, she decides to join forces with Carmel to try and find out the truth. The pair start discussing the potential men in the local area and Kim comes to a startling realisation, has she discovered the truth?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3 on BBC One.

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Friday Trailer: Matchmaking Mick?

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Friday, 24 February 2017

It seems Shirley is getting all the attention lately, and things take an interesting turn when the builder offers to do the job at a cut price, all he wants is a date . . . .

It's Time For Fans To Start Worrying


Thursday, 23 February 2017

There will be some uncomfortable viewing next week when Mick, and daughter-in-law Whitney, seem to get closer than ever.

Things became awkward between the pair after the bus crash when Whitney, planted another kiss on Mick.

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Whitney seems to take control over the Queen Vic's pancake race, she also starts to support him through his financial troubles, all of which will impress him massively.

When Shirley suggests he have a meeting with the bank manager to arrange a loan, she is shocked that he has asked Whitney to join him, and not her.

Whatever happens, we're pretty sure Mick will knock back any advances from Whitney . . . or will he?

This episode airs Friday 3rd March on BBC One

Thursday Trailer: Dot In Trouble?

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

You would be right for being concerned for Dot and baby Matthew tomorrow night, especially when Dot decides to get behind the wheel of her car, despite her eyesight being on the poor side.

She originally agrees to have Jack take her to the garden centre, only to have him let her down at the last minute.

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When Jack has to rush off to pick up Ricky, Dot notices that he has left his Satnav. She decides she is quite capable to go driving with Matthew, and heads off.

 This episode airs Thursday 23rd February on BBC One

Another Carter Exit in EastEnders?


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Fans are worried about the future of the Carter family in EastEnders, but fear not, Danny will be returning to work after a few weeks holiday, you will hardly notice he has gone.

Lee Carter has left and the absence of Linda, is felt massively. Next week we might be saying goodbye to another Carter family member.

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Things are getting increasingly more difficult for Tina, struggling between the balance of work and caring for her mother, Sylvie.

After a nasty fall on her bike, Tina returns home and is shocked to find out what her sister is doing. Shirley also explains that she can't cope so she suggests putting their mother into a home, leaving Tina to ponder over her suggestion.

Is Sylvie past the point of being cared for at home? EastEnders returns tonight on BBC One.

Ian Beale collapses and plans his death

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After a nudge in the right direction, Ian Beale finally goes to see his doctor and she makes it clear that she would like him to have further tests done.

Trying not to think of the results, Ian starts preparing for his birthday. His family see through him and pester him to get his results.

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Taking part in a pancake race, Ian receives a text, it tells him he needs to make another appointment, one to discuss his results.

Deciding to take part in the race regardless, it seems Ian pushes himself too far and collapses. After he comes around, Jane takes the decision out of his hands and calls the doctor herself.

Later, Jane walks in on Ian, writing his will. He explains that he is simply planning for the inevitable. Come on Ian, you'll be fine!

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday 27th February on BBC One

Keegan Strikes Again


Sunday, 19 February 2017

It seems Keegan Baker can't stop himself causing misery to the people of Walford, especially his new target, Denise Fox.

An argument between the pair had already spiraled out of control, but in an honest interview with the local paper, Denise vents about the rubbish and local annoyances like Keegan.

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It seems Denise is not left fighting this battle alone when Kush arrives just in time. Will the words of his best mates older brother make any difference to Keegan?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday 27th February, 8pm on BBC One.

EastEnders Responds to Mick Carter Exit


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Fans were left devastated yesterday after it was said that Danny Dyer, was forced to take a break from filming. We can rest knowing that the stories claiming Danny is being written out for good, are lies.

A BBC spokesperson told Digital Spy last night: "As previously stated, Danny is on a short break. There is absolutely no truth that an exit storyline is being discussed or planned. Danny is on a short break from EastEnders. This was not enforced by bosses, nor has he quit the show."

We can only imagine what the storyline will be, but lets hope he just pops in to visit Linda and Elaine, then returns promptly back to Walford.

Danny Dyer Suspended?


Friday, 17 February 2017

According to all of today's papers, Danny Dyer has been forced to temporarily quit the role of Mick Carter, he will be absent from screen for (hopefully) just a few weeks. An insider has told The Sun: “The producers are concerned about him for a number of reasons.

“It was clear to onlookers he appeared very drunk at the NTAs. It is best that he takes some time out to sort his life out. He appears to be exhausted.

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“As a result, Danny is not filming on the show at all. There is an enforced break that is expected to last a number of weeks.

“At the end of the day, he remains the biggest star of the show — so everyone is determined to get him back to his best.”

With scenes filmed at least six weeks before they are aired, it is said that Danny's absence will cause chaos for the storylines.

The EastEnders insider continued: “Having Danny off is a total nightmare — it causes total chaos for both the writers and producers.

“The storylines are worked out months in advance and no one was expecting him to be off. A lot of scripts had to be torn up and it’s caused a lot of be­hind-the-scenes chaos.

“It’s all anyone is talking about on set.”

Hopefully Danny and EastEnders bosses can quickly work this out and we can get Danny back on our screens. Viewers will not notice his absence until the end of March.

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

Boyband Member Joins EastEnders!


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

BBC EastEnders
Lee Ryan from boyband Blue, is on his way to Walford. The character is said to “cause quite a stir”. Heartbreaker Woody, will appear for a short stint but if viewers like him, he could become a permanent character.

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When asked about joining, Lee said: “I’m so excited to be part of the show. Woody is the best role I could have wished to play. He’s a brilliant character, and it’s clear he’s been leading a full and colourful life.

“I can’t wait for people to see what he’s like for themselves. Everyone at EastEnders has been so welcoming. I know some of the cast already so I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Exec producer Sean O'Connor,  told The Mirror:  “I’m delighted to welcome Lee Ryan to Walford as ‘Woody’ Woodward. Woody is a man who has worked hard and played hard in bars, clubs and pubs around the world and has finally decided to put down some roots.

“He’s going to ruffle some feathers and obviously break some hearts, so there’s a great deal to look forward to as soon as he bursts onto the square.
“Lee is a perfect casting for Albert Square and we knew straight away we wanted him for the role.”

Ian's Health Check Leaves Him Shocked

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

EastEnders have confirmed what fans had speculated that Ian Beale, will face health issues next week. These new pictures show a shocked Ian, attending his doctors appointment.

Last night Ian was seen ranting about the NHS, shocked that they are sending out health checks to healthy people. Concerns over his health hit social media after Steven, complained about the number of times he used the toilet during the night, he was then seen falling asleep in the pub.

It seems to be the advice from Dot, that finally makes Ian listen, he attends and is shocked when the doctor explains that further tests are required.

These scenes air on Tuesday February 21st at 7.30pm and Friday February 24th at 8pm on BBC One.
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