EastEnders: All Next Weeks Pics!

Check out all the pics released by EastEnders for next week.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

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BBC EastEnders

With Lee Ryan running the Vic and Lauren following her dreams, what else could next week have in store for the residents of Walford? Well here are all the spoiler pictures released by EastEnders.

 Lauren: I've quit my internship"

Lauren: "I want to find a full-time job"

Will Abi back up her sister, Lauren?

Woody suggests to Whitney, the Vic holds a Ladies Night

Derek starts his new job, look at Honey's face!

Kim wants to hold a quiz night, at The Albert . . .

. . just as the Vic cancelled theirs.

Johnny isn't impressed that The Albert is hosting a Quiz Night

Carmel uses wine to make it through the night

With the wine taking effect, she finds the courage to start asking questions

Vincent helps a drunk Carmel find the door

After spending the day with him at work, Honey is not impressed when Derek invites himself to joining her team at the quiz

She may have to eat her words when Derek, proves to be a bit of a brain box

Max is stuck between a bickering Abi and Lauren

He tells them both to put themselves first

Woody proves a hit with the customers when he books some male strippers

Jane gets an eyeful

Johnny catches the eye of one of the dancers

Woody tries to charm Whitney

Will a cocktail win her over?

Whitney gives Mick a call

Not so nice Fi arrives in Walford

It's said she will upset one family straight away

Honey continues to train Derek

Keegan tries to steal from the Minute Mart again

Donna hatches a plan

The boys are not up for having Abi live with them

Jay and Ben agree that Abi can move in

Abi is worried about leaving Dot to live alone

Steven arranges a romantic night in

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One

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