EastEnders: A Cunning Plan and Strippers

EastEnders A Cunning Plan and Strippers, Just Another Night in the Vic!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

/ by WalfordEast

With money troubles hitting the Carter's once again, everyone's shocked when Shirley suggests selling the Vic freehold. When some family members agree, can Shirley actually go through with it?

Also in this episode, Woody arranges Ladies Night in the Vic and books male strippers, but it's Johnny who catches the eye of one of the dancers.

When Abi and Lauren start arguing in the pub, Max gives them some fatherly advice, telling them to always put themselves first . . . . that's not right, is it?

Also, Honey struggles with Derek working at the Minute Mart and Carmel uses drink as a support to get her through a night with Kim, Denise and Kush.


This episode airs Tuesday 25th April on BBC One.

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