Masood Punches Kush! - Pictures

Shabnam decides to give Kush the benefit of the doubt and the pair arrange a time to sit down and talk through their problems. The only thing is, Kush doesn't show up!  Shabnam realises he is at the hospital visiting Arthur. When he returns she explains it is over.

When Shabnam reveals to her father that her marriage to Kush is over, he does his best to try and convince her to stay and make it work. Shabnam refuses and explains that it is the right thing to do.

Later, whilst speaking to Carmel, Masood is furious when he finds out the truth about Kush, Stacey and baby Arthur. Mas tells Carmel to get out of his house before heading over to confront Kush. The pair exchange a few words and Masood punches him in the face. He tells Kush to keep away from his daughter.

 EastEnders continues Monday 1st February on BBC One at 8pm

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