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Ciara Maguire Has Hold On Mel - Her 15 Year-Old Son

EastEnders, BBC One

Ben's exit on Friday night see the young Mitchell discover that he had been double-crossed. It became obvious that someone had switched the money before he left Walford, and Mel is left with a headache of a mission to find the loot.

Kathy becomes suspicious of Mel and has a feeling that she knows where Ben is. Knowing that Phil won't be home anytime soon, Mel uses the chance to find out if Kathy knows about what's been going on, and more about that necklace Ben gave her before he left.

EastEnders, BBC One

Mel is later interrupted by Donna, but when it becomes clear that Ben used to share his home with her and Jay, she decides to do a little more searching, wanting to know more details surrounding his sudden departure.

Mel meets with Ciara for another catch-up but it becomes clear that she is running out of patience, and she wants to know where her money is.

Viewers will then find out that Ciara has a hold on Mel in the form of her 15-year-old son Hunter, and she has no choice but to comply with her demands. She tells Melanie that she has to try harder to get to the truth, and suggests another route to get her answers.

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

The only unanswered question is, who broke into the arches and stole the money before Ben made it out of the country?

EastEnders airs this episode next week on BBC One.

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