Who Is Melanie Owen?

EastEnders, BBC One

When Melanie Healy arrived in Walford, she was a young woman with a troubled past. She had a failed business and had just left an abusive relationship.

After not seeing her family for years, Mel turns up in 1998 to reunite with her brother, Vicar Alex Healy.

Mel becomes involved with Ian Beale, she struggles to deal with his children but eventually grows to love them.

Ian would soon do what he does best and asks Mel to marry him, she says yes, a decision she would later regret. When Ian overhears Mel say she doesn't actually love him, he pretends that his daughter Lucy has cancer.

EastEnders, BBC One

New Year's Eve 1999 will see the pair married, but when she slips off home during the reception, she is horrified to find a letter from the hospital, giving Lucy the all clear.

Mel walks out on him as the clock strikes midnight, leaving Ian bringing in the new millennium alone and single.

As time passes, Mel will have flings with various men around Walford, including Billy Mitchell, Dan Sullivan, and Phil Mitchell.

She later falls in love with Steve Owen, a local businessman. The relationship gets off to a rocky start after Mel has a one night stand with Phil Mitchell on Christmas Day 2000.

When Phil Mitchell is shot by Lisa Fowler, Steve becomes the prime suspect until she confesses. After his recovery, Phil instructs Mel and Steve to help frame Dan Sullivan, who is later imprisoned for Phil's attempted murder.

When Dan is later released, he kidnaps Mel and demands money from Steve if he ever wants to see her again. During her time in captivity, Dan reveals all of Steve's dodgy dealings with her.

After she is rescued, Mel gets revenge on her husband by burning down his club, E20.

As tensions rise between Phil and his ex-wife, Lisa plans to leave the country and take their daughter Louise with her.

Mel and Steve help her to try and escape but when Phil Mitchell finds out, a car chase ensues. After Steve crashes, Phil rescues Louise but when he attempts to save Steve, the car explodes in front of horrified onlookers.

After Steve's death, Mel is shocked when she finds out that Steve was having an affair with Sam Mitchell, sold the nightclub and their home without telling her and operated a drug smuggling ring, something that would later get her arrested.

Phil posts Mel's £30,000 bail but when she discovers she is pregnant, she toasts her late husband and heads off for a new life in Portugal, leaving Phil £30k out of pocket.

EastEnders ais weeknights on BBC One.

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