Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Character Will Attempt Suicide Next Week

EastEnders, BBC One

Warning: This article contains discussion of suicide, which some readers may find upsetting.

EastEnders will embark on another challenging storyline next week which sees Carmel Kazemi, attempt to take her own life after the death on her son, Shakil.

This Friday will see Carmel receive the devastating news that her son has passed away after being brutally attacked.

As the storyline continues next week, Carmel's friends and family try their best to be there for her, but she becomes preoccupied in trying to find Shakil's watch.

EastEnders, BBC One

Unfortunately for Carmel, that's not all she has to deal with when she learns from her ex-husband that Kush is still considering moving to Dubai.

Feeling like there is no way out, Carmel makes the decision to end her life.

When she finds Shakil's watch, she instantly regrets her decision and tries to reverse it. Soon after Kush arrives home and realises what she's done and calls an ambulance, despite his mum insisting that she's fine.

EastEnders, BBC One

EastEnders, BBC One

Inconsolable, Denise suggests that she attend Shakil's memorial being held in the square, insisting that it would help her to grieve.

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EastEnders air this episode on Tuesday 29th May on BBC One.


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