Sunday, 1 July 2018

We're Looking For Passionate Guest Writers Who Love EastEnders

Walford East has been live for an impressive 9 years, bringing you all the latest news and gossip. Now, we would like to invite our readers to become guest writers.

If you're a fan of anything, you'll know that getting your point across on social media can sometimes be impossible.

We are looking for fans of EastEnders to produce an article about the soap. It can be about a particular character, actor, storyline, anything you would like.

An article will be published every Sunday evening, and will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via our own app (Walford East on Google Play).

Articles will be credited to the writer, including any social media or website links that you request.

Feel free to include any pictures you would like to be used* - Please put "Guest Writer" in the subject line of your email and send articles HERE

Happy writing!

*Pictures are subject to change depending on copyright status.


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