EastEnders' Letitia Dean was Once a Popstar And Here's the Music Video to Prove it

Watch Letitia Dean belt out an 80's tune

Last year Letitia Dean celebrated her 2,000th episode on EastEnders, but it has come to our attention that playing Sharon Mitchell is not the only claim to fame the actor has.

Back in 1986, Letitia teamed up with former EastEnders actor Paul J. Medford who played Kelvin Carpenter in the early years of the soap.

Below is the video of the pair singing on BBC's Saturday Superstar. Their appearance was part of their promotional tour of the song.

The song was part of an EastEnders storyline which see the childhood friends Kelvin, Sharon, Eddie, Ian and Harry, form a band called The Band.

What do you think?

EastEnders Secrets from the Square airs Monday's on BBC One.


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