EastEnders' Phil Mitchell Turns Against Sharon

Phil is shocked when he realises Lisa has been taking her medication

Despite Phil's initial refusal to believe Lisa's claims about his wife, he becomes more suspicious of Sharon next week after Lisa drops another bombshell.

Phil starts to become concerned when he spots Sharon and Jack together at Mel's funeral, but the day takes another twist when Lisa publicly tells the locals that Sharon is a murderer, and that Phil is not the father of her baby.

Despite Keanu's efforts to convince Phil that Lisa is mentally unwell, it soon becomes clear that the Walford hardman is starting to believe her.

Later, when Dennis insults Lisa over her recent behaviour, Phil tells his step-son off for his rudeness.



Torn between whether Sharon is telling the truth and if Lisa has stopped taking her medication, Phil heads off to get answers.

Arriving at Mel's house, Phil is shocked when he realises Lisa has been taking her meds.

Coming to the shocking conclusion that Lisa must be telling the truth, he calls a worried sounding Keanu and asks him to help find out who Sharon had an affair with.

Keanu has a brief moment of relief when Phil reveals that he suspects Jack to be Sharon's secret lover.


After spotting Sharon and Jack together again, Phil decides it's time to confront his wife over his recent findings and demands answers.

Phil soon gets pulled back to Sharon's side when she denies everything, but as soon as he leaves she makes a mysterious phone call. What is Sharon up to?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.