EastEnders Spoilers: 9th - 13th December

Here's your weekly look ahead at what's coming up on EastEnders

We're now officially in the biggest month in soapland and EastEnders has some big storylines ready to come to come to a climactic end over the festive period.

From Monday 9th December, Louise Mitchell gives birth as Phil Mitchell begins to doubt his own wife over the paternity of her baby, Martin's behaviour takes another dark turn, and Leo King has an unwanted visitor in Walford.

Here's your weekly look ahead at what's coming up on EastEnders.

After giving birth to her baby, Louise is left wondering why Sharon missed the delivery

Phil is thrilled to welcome another grandchild

Sharon is petrified that her secret could come out at any moment

Sharon arrives to celebrate at the hospital

Keanu introduces his family to his daughter

Lisa arrives after discovering that Keanu is the father of Sharon's baby

Mum and dad enjoy some alone time - Calm before the storm?

Leo's mum Michaela arrives on the square

Michaela demands to know why her son is in Walford

Michaela sees through Leo's excuses and wants answers

Leo hears some harsh truths about his father, Tony

Kush reveals that Arthur is going to see Stacey

Martin loses his temper once again, this time Arthur witnesses everything

Martin and Tubbs meet at the cafe to discuss business

Tubbs reveals he has a job if Martin is interested

Martin and Stacey surprise Bex with a new car

Bex is thrilled with her gift

Martin borrowed from Tubbs to pay for the car

Seeing Bex so happy, Martin changes his mind over his next move

Jay is in Lola's bad books after disapproving her decision to enter Lexi into a beauty pageant

Lola works her magic, can she make Jay change his mind?

Ruby continues to be irritated by Ian's demands

The day of Ian's campaign presentation arrives

Ian is unaware that Ruby has sabotaged his speech

Ruby's actions end in disaster

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 9th December on BBC One.