EastEnders - The Life and Times of: Daniel John Dyer

Born in East London in 1977, Daniel John Dyer is one of three siblings, including younger brother Tony and sister Kayleigh

EastEnders - The Life and Times of: Daniel John Dyer

Born in East London in 1977, Daniel John Dyer is one of three siblings, including younger brother Tony and sister Kayleigh. 

Danny first started acting in his teens, and after being bullied a young Danny lied about taking acting lessons.

Danny's first acting credit, according to IMDb, was a part in Helen Mirren's Prime Suspect 3. Danny played Martin Fletcher, who spent a scene being interrogated by Dame Helen's DCI Jane Tennison.

After a string of parts in various shows, Danny landed a part in ITV's Children's Ward, followed by a continuous string of parts throughout the 90's, including The Bill, Soldier Soldier, and Highlander. But Danny shot to stardom when he played Moff in British Comedy Human Traffic.

After his success in Human Traffic, Danny started to receive larger roles, including parts in Mean Machine, and Goodbye Charlie Bright, but his role in Borstal Boy (2000) in which Dyer plays Charlie Milwall and gave Danny a whole new audience. The movie follows Charlie who is serving time in a borstal and forms an unlikely alliance with IRA volunteer Brendan Behan.

Borstal Boy went on to be nominated for awards at Dinard British Film Festival, GLAAD Media Awards and Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and won Best Feature Film at the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival .

Danny currently lives in Essex with his wife Joanne. The couple started dating in 1992 and when he was 18, their first child Dani was born. They also have a daughter Sunnie and son, Artie.

Work continued for Danny following Borstal Boy, and after a string of movies and television shows, he landed the part of Frankie in Nick Love's The Business

Starring alongside close friend Tamar Hassan, Danny also worked with his soon-to-be on-screen mum, Linda Henry.

Despite Danny revealing how work started to "dry up" in the later years, his filmography shows the actor continued to work from 2005 all the way through to landing his role as Mick Carter on EastEnders.

His credits include Skins, Adulthood, City Rats, Devil's Playground, Casualty, and Hollyoaks Later.

Dyer has been open about his use of drugs. In his autobiography he stated: "I've always taken drugs and I probably always will, but there's a difference between having the odd crafty bump up the snout as a reward for a job well done and letting it rule your life."

Speaking to iNews in 2009, Danny reveals he knew he needed to seek help saying: “I was in such a dark place, I was slowly committing suicide. I had no hope, I hated myself, couldn’t look in the mirror for more than five seconds. It just repulsed me, what was looking back. I was just pressing the fuck-it button all the time. It got to a point where I thought I was going to die – I don’t think I’m going to wake up.”

A couple of years ago, Danny went to rehab. “That’s what I needed – and it worked.”

As Danny approaches his seventh year in EastEnders, Mick Carter remains firmly in the top 5 of viewers' favourite characters in the soap.

During his time in EastEnders, Danny has won a handful awards including National Television Award for Outstanding Serial Drama Performance and Best Actor from Inside Soap Awards.

The last time we see Mick and Linda Carter, the couple had sold their beloved Queen Vic to Sharon Mitchell. So what could the future hold for the Carter family when they return to our screens later this year?