EastEnders: Actor Tipped for Heartbreaking Miscarriage Storyline

"I don't know if I should be saying this... it's not set in stone"

EastEnders Miscarriage

Details of possible upcoming storylines are starting to be revealed, starting with a heartbreaking one for nightclub owner, Ruby Allen.

Ruby has had a tough time since she arrived back in Walford, but the actor who plays her would like to see her front another sad storyline.

Speaking about Ruby's future in Walford, actor Louisa Lytton told April Pearson: "I think because I have done a storyline [the consent plot] that opened her up to women feeling like she's part of the sisterhood.

"I was saying at work it would be really nice to follow on with that, because I feel like she's a character women can relate to.


"I don't know if I should be saying this... it's not set in stone, this is my idea, but surrounding maybe miscarriage.

"Or another taboo topic that we can normalise. Because I think it works."

The actor also revealed she had no intention in returning to acting before she got the call to return to Walford: "I was done. I was like, 'I'm not doing this anymore. I can't wait for the phone to ring. It's giving me anxiety.'

"Then my agent text me saying, 'EastEnders have called.' And I was like, 'Yeah,' because obviously it was a lifetime later. "And now I'm back again."


Would you like to see EastEnders raise awareness of miscarriage in a new storyline?

EastEnders: Secrets from the Square airs Monday's on BBC One.