EastEnders Where Are They Now? - The Moon Boys

Here's what EastEnders' Matt and Tony have been up to since leaving Walford

EastEnders Where Are They Now?

There was a time when these two hunks had the locals of Walford eating out the palm of their hands. Cousins of Alfie Moon, they didn't just have the looks,  they also had the charm.

Tyler was the first Moon brother to arrive in Walford, turning up in June 2011, followed by his older brother the following month. But what happened to Tony Discipline and Matt Lapinskas who played them?

Tyler Moon played by Tony Discipline

BBC - @T_Discipline_

Tony played cheeky Tyler Moon between 2011 - 2013. Following in his father's footsteps, Tyler was one to think with his fists.

Winner of the 2012 Best Newcomer at the TV Quick Awards, Tony went on to star in a number of productions, such as the short film Birds and Dogs and, and he's currently filming The Drugs Game which also stars his EastEnders on-screen brother Matt Lapinskas.

You may be wondering about the uniform Tony is wearing in the above picture, well according to his social media, he's also a firefighter!

Anthony Moon played by Matt Lapinskas

BBC - @MattyLapinskas

Arriving in July 2011, Anthony Moon was probably the most ambitious member of the Moon family. Anthony was also the one who would think before he acts, an absolute contrast of his younger brother Tyler.

After leaving Walford in 2013, Matt has gone on to star in a number of movies, such as Red Devil, The Seven, and short film Yardies and of course The Drugs Game.


The characters have every possibility of returning to EastEnders as they both still hold strong links to the area. Kat Slater and the inevitable future return of Alfie Moon, and of course Whitney Dean still walk the streets of Walford.

Would you like to see the Moon brothers return to Walford at some point in the future?


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