When Will EastEnders Return to Our Screens?

Here's when you can expect to see EastEnders return to TV

When is EastEnders Returning?

Over five weeks ago the BBC aired the final episode of EastEnders since the production was halted due to the pandemic. So are we any closer to seeing our favourite return any time soon?

Although EastEnders are doing a fantastic job giving viewers their weekly fix with Secrets from the Square, many are sitting patiently waiting for new episodes.

EastEnders resumed production on 29th June, and a show insider revealed the soap would probably not return until September. 

Speaking to The Mirror, the insider said: "We normally work 6-8 weeks ahead of what viewers see on screen, in terms of a block of storylines, and we would look to do the same thing again when we restart work.


"Filming with the new rules and regulations will take longer and so we could be back on screen at the end of August but that is being optimistic and it may take longer than that, which would mean the soap returning in September." they continued.

Newcomer Dayle Hudson who plays Peter Beale also seemed to confirm early September as the return date when he shared the cover of his script which had a transmission date which read September 8.

So it seems we're just 6 weeks away from seeing EastEnders return. EastEnders: Secrets from the Square airs Mondays on BBC One.