"Unpleasant" Max Branning Storyline Coming to EastEnders

"a completely different situation, something very surprising and unexpected."

EastEnders actor Jake Wood has revealed his character is set for a new storyline when the soap returns later this year.

The last time we see Max, Ruby had ended their relationship after he failed to be accepting of their open relationship.

But when we return to Walford, Jake reveals there's more to come: "Max has been really busy since we've gone back,"

"He's got embroiled in a very unpleasant situation and in a completely different situation, something very surprising and unexpected.


"It's been really busy but it's great stuff, they're great scripts and true to form. It's definitely Max Branning doing what Max Branning does. The viewers will be pleased to see him back getting up to his old shenanigans."

Next week's Secrets from the Square will see Jake and Scott, who play the on-screen Branning brothers, reveal details about their time on the Square: "It's just lovely to look back. It's a bit like life, isn't it?" 

Jake continued: "Quite often, you don't get time to pause and reflect and we had time during lockdown to do that.

"I feel like Secrets from the Square was really a time to reflect on where you are, where the characters are, and on our journeys. I think it's quite rare for any of the actors here to look back at their work. It's just lovely to see all of that stuff. A lot of it you forget when you're looking at 15 years so it's nice to go on that memory trip. It's nice to see everyone again."


Teasing next Monday's interview with Stacey Dooley, Jake said: "You'll see a little bit behind the scenes of the set, it's nice for the audience to get to know us as people as well and not just the characters. Hopefully, it's a nice little insight and will get viewers excited about what's coming up."

"We've been playing brothers for many years, so in some ways we are like brothers. We tease each other a lot, take the mickey out of each other. So, yeah, a lot more light and laughter. Just us being us. 

"I think, over the years, the characters have just been there for each other. At their lowest points, they've been there to support each other no matter how much they fight. To me, it seems like a very real sibling relationship."

EastEnders Secrets from the Square airs Monday at 8pm on BBC One.