VIDEO: Ex-EastEnders Actor Arrested Following 'Racist' Street Fight in Southend

Katie Jarvis arrested in Southend following foul-mouthed brawl

Katie Jarvis Arrested

CAUTION: The following article contains some language readers may find offensive.

Former EastEnders actor Katie Jarvis has been arrested following a street fight in Southend over the weekend, according to news reports.

The actor who left EastEnders in 2019 was spotted enjoying a day out in the seaside town before an argument erupted in a bar. Witnesses of the fight also heard racial slurs including "F*** Black Lives Matter"

Another witness claimed Katie tried to use her fame during the altercation: "At one point, she started screaming ‘I’m a famous actress’, and her friends were saying 'she’s Hayley Slater from EastEnders’. 

“Katie was saying ‘I haven’t done anything wrong!'"