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EastEnders: Secret Affair Exposed!

Eve Unwin's dreams of a future with Suki Panesar come under threat next week when Suki's son Vinny uncovers the truth about their affair.

Following Suki's apparent accident, she goes into next week attempting to piece her family back together, playing the perfect wife for father's day in a bid to keep Nish happy.

As the family gather at The Vic, Vinny is visibly annoyed that Eve has also joined them. Later as Suki heads to the toilet, Eve stops her and begs Suki to stop living a lie, but the confrontation is seen by Vinny who issues her with a worrying threat.

After Eve makes it clear she's not scared of Vinny, Suki is concerned when her son goes missing.

Unknown to them, Vinny has gone to the garage to tamper with Finlay's breaks, knowing Eve is going to drive it to Brighton the following day.

Thanks to some detective work from Suki, the trip to Brighton gets cancelled, leaving Suki horrified that her son would try to kill Eve.

Desperate to keep Eve safe, Suki tells Vinny that she has made her choice and will stay with him and his father.

In a final act, Vinny convinces Nish to sack Eve which leaves her devastated, but Vinny is about to face some questions from his father after he becomes suspicious of his sudden dislike towards Eve.

What will Vinny tell him?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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