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EastEnders Anniversary: Women of Walford

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

You may have noticed the new EastEnders trailer doing the rounds online, showing the women of Walford, but the eerie trailer gives absolutely no clue over what's to come from Monday 20th February.

The anniversary week, celebrating the birth of the soap on BBC One, is always a dramatic week, but what do soap bosses have in store for fans this year?

The episode guide for that week has finally been revealed and there are some hints surrounding the anniversary week.

Monday, 20th February

It's an eventful night for the women of Walford at The Vic, Linda is shaken by the past, and Nish and Suki put their plan into action.

Tuesday, 21st February

Kim tries to rope in a man to help with her latest venture, Sharon seeks advice from an unlikely source, and Freddie and Bobby get creative.

Wednesday, 22nd February

Denise can’t resist temptation, while Keanu’s behaviour catches up with him. Not wanting to make the wrong decision, Linda seeks advice.

Thursday, 23rd February

Denise plays with fire, but at what cost? Nish continues to scheme to get what he wants. Sharon takes matters into her own hands and makes her feelings known.

What do you think goes down in Albert Square over the special week?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.



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