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EastEnders: Huge Fire Leaves Lives "hanging in the balance"

One of Albert Square's most iconic meeting places is set to be destroyed in an upcoming storyline which sees the Cafe engulfed in flames.

The stunt is part of a new storyline for Kathy Cotton, but it won't take long before it's discovered the fire had been started deliberately.

An insider told The Sun: “Bosses are staying tight-lipped about who’s behind the attack and who is left fighting for their lives, but viewers can expect lots of drama as the storyline unfolds on-screen and the residents of Walford deal with the fallout of the event.

“These scenes have just been shot and they look incredible.

The arson attack is all part of EastEnders' big autumn storylines that will catapult us towards the lead up to Christmas.

Many storylines will kick off, including more clues over who is lying dead on the floor of the Vic on Christmas Day.

We have the build up to both Karen Taylor and Whitney Dean's departures, and of course the love triangle between Suki, Nish and Eve, and much more!

We'll keep you up to date with any new details that emerge.

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EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.



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