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EastEnders' Late-Night Christmas Day Episode

EastEnders will air this years' one-hour Christmas Day episode post-watershed at the later time of 9.30pm.

Viewers are promised an intense Christmas Day like no other as nine months of speculation comes to an almighty climax.

Keanu, Ravi, Dean and Nish have all been rumoured to be the victim lying on the floor of the Vic, but we've been told yet more twists and turns are set to air before the big day which could change your prediction entirely.

Viewers are concerned we could actually lose a fan favourite on Christmas Day, such as Phil Mitchell or Ben Mitchell.

With just a little over three weeks to go, all it takes is a single episode to completely change a characters chances of making it into the New Year.

Who is the Christmas Day victim?

  • Keanu

  • Dean

  • Nish

  • Ravi

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.



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