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"He used to live here" - Who is Returning to Walford?

This article contains spoilers about tonight's episode.

Tonight's episode of EastEnders revealed Cindy Beale has been communicating with a bidder who is planning to go into business with her and Ian.

When Ian said he had concerns over going into business with somebody he hasn't met, Cindy explained he's familiar with the area, adding "He knows Walford, he said he used to live here."

It's exciting when EastEnders tease the potential return of a character, but speculation over who it is has gone wild online, from Fatboy to Dean Wicks.

Cindy went on to ask Ian to respect her judgement, but could it be a decision they could come to regret?

Regarding the two characters rumoured to return, would it really make sense if the mystery caller was Fatboy? Sadly, I don't think it would. But with Cindy finally making a breakthrough with Elaine and the Knight's, it sure would reignite the tensions between the families if Cindy was the reason Linda's attacker returned to Albert Square.

Who do you think is returning to Walford?

  • Dean Wicks

  • Fatboy

  • Somebody else

Let us know what you think in the comments!

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and from 6am on BBC iPlayer.



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