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EastEnders Star Teases Nish Panesar Comeuppance

EastEnders legend Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Beale, has revealed Walford villain Nish Panesar will soon face his comeuppance!

Recent scenes see Rocky lose his honeymoon to the dodgy businessman before his wedding, but the EastEnders actress teased: "Karma is a great thing."

Nish is the leading fan favourite to be the Christmas flashforward body lying on the floor of the Vic, who coincidentally is also wearing Nish's cufflinks, but actor Navin Chowdhry who plays Nish, has urged viewers to continue to watch where the cufflinks end up as the hints about Christmas are airing in current episodes.

As exciting as the character of Nish Panesar is, it's becoming clear that viewers are getting tired of seeing Nish swanning around Albert Square without a care in the world, so when should we expect to see his comeuppance?

As Nish's list of people he can count on continues to dwindle, I would be surprised to see Nish still on the list of possible victims for the flashforward murder way off in December, that is unless the character takes a break from life in Albert Square and returns in the run up to the festive period. We love a returning villain!

Who is the Christmas 2023 Victim?

  • Jack Branning

  • Nish Panesar

  • Ravi Gulati

  • Martin Fowler

Speaking about the flash-forward episode, Navin Chowdhry told The Mirror recently: "I am aware that Nish is the number one contender to die at Christmas,"

"I think the main clue is to follow the cufflinks. There's some stuff we filmed recently about the cufflinks so look out for that and follow the cufflinks."

What are your predictions? Will Nish even make it to Christmas?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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