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Devastated Billy Mitchell Returns to Walford

Fans of Billy Mitchell will be thrilled to learn that Lola's "pops" will be returning to Walford in upcoming scenes.

The market trader left the UK to do some work in Portugal, but Lola is left worrying how to break the news to him that she has less than six months left to live.

Viewers know that Lola's health is deteriorating, becoming more and more forgetful as the cancer progresses, but unaware of this, Billy arrives home and suggests they all go on a family holiday.

With Billy still on a high from his trip to Portugal, Lola breaks the news to her grandfather that she only has a short time left.

Billy is clearly distraught about the news, feeling guilty for spending so much time abroad. Will he try to hide his feelings to support Lola?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.


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