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EastEnders Filmed Two Endings - Let's Look at the Clues

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

It's understandable if some of you are a little confused after last night's episode, especially if you popped out to make yourself a cuppa, only to come back and see it's Christmas! But fear not, we're going to break it down for you.

In a twist never seen before in British soap, viewers were given a glimpse of Christmas, a whopping ten months ahead of its air date, and it's safe to say some of you detectives have been hard at work.

The scene started with an opened mouthed Linda walking into the bar, shocked at a body of a man laying on the ground.

A devastated Suki Panesar takes a seat as Kathy Beale looks at her with concern. Stacey Slater is standing with both hands covered in blood next to Denise Branning holding a broken champagne bottle. Both women are visibly shaken.

As Sharon appears in her wedding dress, she checks the pulse of the man only to discover he is dead. The identity of the man is not revealed, and it seems some of you have your suspicions.

One viewer thought it was out of character for Shirley to suddenly reunite with her son Dean, so could this be the writers' way of reintroducing the character later this year? Kathy did tell Linda that she has a "wall of friends" who wouldn't let him near her.

More people are confused at seeing Sharon in a wedding dress, and not Kat Slater, claiming it must be Phil Mitchell on the floor of the pub, but there's no reason to think it's the groom lying on the floor.

We got to see some cufflinks on the body, and these will come into play over the coming months. We're sure viewers will see them either given as a gift from somebody or loaned to somebody, leaving us all wondering if the recipient is the victim.

Another clue some eagle -eyed viewers spotted was a framed picture of Lola on the bar. This would suggest the wedding is for a Mitchell, but would Phil have a picture of remembrance of Lola at his wedding reception? Could we see a double Mitchell wedding? Maybe Sharon and Phil finally tie the knot, along with Billy and Honey?

Another thing spotted by viewers was all the Princess Diana pictures and plates are no longer on the wall of the Vic which could mean Linda is no longer running the boozer.

Speaking on This Morning, Kellie Bright who plays Linda said: "When we filmed that flashforward, we weren't told very much at all," she explained. "One of the things you can't really see on that is that I had a split lip… I don't know why, I don't know how I've ended up with a split lip."

"When we filmed it, they actually made Tish film it two ways – so we had a 'he's dead' and a 'she's dead'. So watching it last night was the first time I was like, 'oh, it is a man!'" she confessed.

But like us, Kellie explained we shouldn't start placing our bets just yet: "You can imagine, we've all gone right round the houses of who we think it could be. I think there's going to be lots and lots of red herrings."

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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