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EastEnders to air Heartbreaking Post Wedding Scenes Next Week

When EastEnders returns next week, Jay and Lola will begin the week as a newly married couple, but they are painfully aware that there are no guarantees how long they will have together.

Lola also becomes concerned with Lexi who is pretending to be unwell so she can stay at home with her mum, desperate to be by her side until she is better.

As Jay tries to plan their honeymoon, Lola's mind is on her daughter, so she decides it's time to tell her the truth.

With Ben and Jay on hand to offer support, Lola sits down with Lexi and breaks the news to her that she is dying.

As everyone prepares for floods of tears from the youngster, they're surprised she only shows anger. Lexi is angry at her family for lying to her for so long.

Lexi then demands she's taken back to school where watching from a distance is Lola's birth mother, Emma.

Jamie Borthwick who plays Jay, praised on-screen wife Danielle Harold, telling the BBC One Show: "Danielle, I have to say, has been absolutely fantastic while we've been filming this stuff because it's really gruelling. You're going into work crying all day every day and it can take its toll, but she's been absolutely fantastic."

What is Emma up to and how will she react when she learns she doesn't have long to get to know her daughter?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One.


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