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Is it the end of Ravi?

EastEnders bad boy Ravi Gulati will be left fearful in upcoming scenes when it looks like the net is closing in on him and his dodgy dealings next week.

Ravi's own son Nugget will also begin to see his father's true colours when he snaps at his sone leaving him petrified.

Since Denise Branning tipped off Ravi over the police investigation, Ravi has had the upper hand but that's about to change.

Next week sees Ravi finally pulled in for questioning by the police after a dramatic car crash on the square.

The turn of events begin after Kim Fox wins a car at an awards show, but when she's driving home with Denzel, she becomes distracted and crashes her car into the Argee Bhajee.

With Kim in possession of Denise's phone at the time of the accident, she spots incriminating texts sent from Ravi to her sister.

Kim is left gobsmacked when Denise finally reveals to her sister the truth about her and Ravi. But with Denzel in hospital fighting for his life, Kim takes it upon herself to investigate Ravi herself.

Later Kim tells Denise that they have to put their minds together to break up Chelsea and Ravi's relationship, but after a warning from Denise, he takes his public display of affection with Chelsea up another level.

Shortly afterwards Denise heads off to make a secret phone call, and back at the station Callum receives a call of his own and rushes off to arrest Ravi.

Ravi is later released due to lack of evidence linking him to the crime, but is it really the end of the matter?

Was Denise responsible for his arrest? And how will Denise and Kim respond when Chelsea rushes to support Ravi following his release?



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