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EastEnders: Linda's Halloween Scare

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

It has been ten months since Linda last see her husband, Mick, but that could all be about to change in a spooky episode next week when the landlady receives a shock.

Mick has been missing since he jumped into the sea to save Linda, completely unaware she had made it safely back to shore.

Linda has struggled since his disappearance, but with her family by her side, she pushes on to make life as normal for herself as possible.

Determined to keep business as usual, Linda and the Knight's put on a Halloween spectacular in the Vic, something that goes down well with the regulars, but things soon take a spooky turn.

With the big night a roaring success, Linda heads off to the pub kitchen where she receives the fright of her life. Is it Mick?

It's unknown if Linda will get to see Mick Carter in the flesh, or the ghostly echoes of his voice, or somebody else completely! But it will be a real treat for fans over the Halloween period.

Would you like to see Mick Carter return?

  • Of course!

  • No thank you.

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One, and on BBC iPlayer from 6am on the air date.



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