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The EastEnders Showdown We've All Been Waiting For

Cindy Beale was thought to have died during childbirth 25 years ago, but recent episodes provided insight into how the character returned from the dead after being in witness protection after approaching police with information regarding her former cellmate.

With the arrival of the Beale family back to Walford just around the corner, the return will spark some of this years' biggest storylines.

The arrival back to reality will see Kathy and Cindy coming face-to-face for the first time since her ex-daughter-in-law caused the family so much heartache, but maybe they can bond over both of them faking their deaths?

Cindy will also meet Ian's other son Bobby for the first time. The young man who ended the life of her daughter, Lucy. The same young man who is currently becoming close to her daughter, Anna. How will she react?

We also have the confrontation between Cindy and her ex-husband George, with some explaining to do over abandoning him and their daughters some years ago. Ian is the only one who currently know the family are running the Vic.

Speaking about her upcoming return to the Square, EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw said: "Cindy's a little softer through everything that has gone on, after 25 years of living a different identity and living a lie to her other family.

"What comes quite apparent later in the year when she returns to Walford is it doesn't take long before we see flashes of the old Cindy Beale and she still has it, there's some absolute dynamite between Cindy and Kathy. It doesn't take long and it's still the same Cindy at the core, she's just been on one hell of a journey since we last saw her."

But wait, there's even more reasons to love Cindy's return!

Cindy's return could also see the return of Cindy Jr, previously played by Mimi Keene. The young mum is living her life in Germany with boyfriend, Liam Butcher.

As well as Cindy bringing some drama to Walford, viewers will also see Ian return to Albert Square for the first time in two and a half years!

Ian will be forced to face his fears and see Sharon Watts for the first time since she tried to poison him as revenge for his involvement in her son's death.

Peter Beale will also have some tough questions upon his return, mainly that he emptied his grandmothers bank account and led the country. How will Kathy react to seeing Peter again?

Actor Adam Woodyatt revealed: "There will be a lot of conversations that need to take place and one of the most interesting ones is the process of making carbonara with Sharon. There's also discussing his missing years with his mother."

"There's a lot of water that has to be dealt with. It's going to be fun. One of my lines with Steve [McFadden] is only short, we just say each other's names to each other, and I just knew damn well when we film that, it's going to be hysterical." he said.

This summer is going to be huge!

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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