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EastEnders: Jack and Stacey Grow Closer

As Christmas approaches in Albert Square, troubles within Jack and Denise Branning's marriage sees the police detective grow closer to Stacey Slater.

The pair are bonded in scenes which aired last week that see Stacey confess to Jack about lying to Theo in order to get him to plead guilty.

Upcoming scenes will see the pair head off for a shopping trip together, but when Stacey reveals she doesn't have much money, Jack steps in to help her out.

Back home Denise arranges for Kim to have the children so she and Jack can spend some quality time together, but things take an awkward turn when he overhears his wife telling Priya about her (non) affair with Ravi.

With Jack fuming, his attentions turn back to Stacey where she expresses her fears that she is being targeted by Theo once again.

Jack searches the Slater house, but assures her she's safe as Theo is hundreds of miles away in Scotland.

As the pair continue to talk, Stacey drops another bombshell. She reveals she phoned Theo and threatened him because she's sure he has harmed Eve, who has been missing for some time.

After some heated words are exchanged between the pair, Stacey heads off to the Vic to have a drink with Kat, but she soon feels guilty and decides to apologise to Jack. Will he accept her apology?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and daily on BBC iPlayer.



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