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Keanu & Karen Taylor Exposed!

Things take a worrying turn in EastEnders next week when Phil Mitchell begins to wonder how Karen Taylor has suddenly come into some money.

Viewers know that £50,000 of Phil's money was used in a fake kidnapping, with the money now in Karen's possession, and upcoming scenes will even see Mitch question Keanu over the kidnap after his concerns are raised over Karen's spending habits.

Later, after Mitch has an accident in his taxi, Kat demands he pays for the damage, but Karen goes behind his back and settles the debt for him.

Unfortunately for her, when Phil examines the notes Karen gave Kat, he notices they are the same marked notes he used for paying the ransom to Albie's kidnapper.

As Phil continues to dig deeper, it's not long before he has the evidence needed to prove Keanu and Karen staged the whole thing.

Later, Kat finds Phil searching the Arches, so he shares the evidence with her leaving Kat gobsmacked.

After being turned away at Karen's house, Phil enlists the help of Tommy. Once inside, Tommy has a sneak around the house and soon finds Phil's money stashed under Karen's bed.

In true EastEnders fashion, Phil heads over to the Vic where Sharon is in the middle of making an announcement about her wedding to Keanu.

After telling Sharon the truth about Karen and Keanu staging the kidnapping, how will she react?

EastEnders air these scenes next week on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer.


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