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EastEnders: Shock Keanu Taylor Attack

Keanu Taylor will be left re-evaluating his friendships in upcoming scenes after teaming up with Ravi Gulati ends in disaster.

After an illegal job goes wrong, Keanu finds himself pulled in for questioning at the police station, but sadly for him that's where his troubles start.

Desperate to raise the money for Albie's christening, Keanu agrees to do a job with Ravi, something he will later regret.

As the day of the christening arrives, Ravi reveals to the young dad that there's plenty more money to be made.

Dressed in his smart suit, Keanu is worried he will miss his sons big day, but decides to transport drugs for Ravi regardless.

With the drugs kept in a van outside of the christening, Keanu is left in a worrying situation when the alarm goes off, attracting some unwanted attention.

As he tries to deal with the situation the police arrive where he's arrested for intent to supply.

At the station the police question Keanu, offering him a deal if he names the person who gave him the job.

When he later arrives back home, Ravi is on his tail, worried he might have named him. Keanu promises he kept his name out of it, but Ravi doesn't believe him and viciously attacks him.

Phil Mitchell stumbles across a badly battered Keanu and instantly calls an ambulance. At the hospital, it doesn't take Sharon long to figure out Ravi was responsible.

Will Sharon report Ravi to the police? Or will she enlist the help of Phil Mitchell?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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