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Lauren Branning Visits Paris Ahead of Return to Walford

EastEnders has released the first look at Lauren and Penny Branning's return to the soap as the characters meet up in Paris where Penny has been living.

Lauren spends New Year's in France with her cousin Penny, the eldest daughter of Jack Branning.

Recent spoilers revealed Lauren gets arrested at the airport as she prepares to return to the UK.

Speaking about her return, Jacqueline said: "She's just spent Christmas in Paris with Penny and Louie, but she has had boys on her mind – well, one boy in particular. She's also been feeling pretty homesick."

"It's so great. Penny is this firecracker, and she doesn't care what people think. Penny does what Penny wants to do, and so there is a really interesting dynamic with Lauren. Lauren used to be like that, but there's been a change and a growth in her. But Penny is an uncontrollable character with lots of fire in her belly, which is so much fun to play opposite."

Speaking about being back in the soap, the actress continued: "I think one of the reasons that I've enjoyed being back so much is that I'm in this strong female power duo with Kitty on-screen. I absolutely love her, and she's really good as Penny.

"She's new to this EastEnders world, so it's been fun to take her under my wing, but she's been teaching me things as well. That’s what I love about this show – you are always learning something. It's just amazing."

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.

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