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Lola Receives Devastating News

As Lola Pearce's health continues to decline, the young mum will receive devastating news at an appointment at the hospital in upcoming scenes.

Lola is currently putting her mind to organising a fundraising event when she receives the call from the hospital to come in early following her recent MRI scan.

As Lola begins to panic, Jay tries to hide his fears and urges his wife to remain optimistic.

At the appointment, Lola receives a heartbreaking update about her illness, leaving her and Jay gobsmacked.

Back home, Lola decides to continue with her fundraiser, asking Sam Mitchell if she can use Peggy's for the event, but she's shocked when Sam refuses.

Thankfully Phil steps in and assures her she can use the club free of charge.

With the event underway, Lola's behaviour begins to spark concern with her friends and family. Ben will also confront Lola when he believes she is prioritising her fundraising over their daughter, especially at a time when she needs her most.

After the successful evening, Lola invites her mum for a girly night in with her and Lexi, but she's shocked when Emma declines.

Later, Jay confronts Emma over her sudden disinterest in her newly reunited family, but what's the real reason Emma is staying away?

EastEnders airs weeknights on BBC One.


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